Sugar Baby Definition

Sugar Baby Definition


(plural sugar babies)

A “sugar baby” is defined as a person who exchanes their companionship for financial gain.

Sugar Baby Description

Sugar Baby Description

Here is a description of a sugar baby:

A sugar baby negotiates the terms of a relationship.

They do not have sex for money.

Sugar babies are not escorts or prostitutes.

Sugar babies have ongoing companions, not sexual encounters.

All sugar babies are open to the exchange of companionship for financial gain.

They don’t give their Continue Reading

Splenda Daddy

Splenda Daddy

Splenda Daddies have played second to Sugar daddies but these guys are sweet too.

In this article, we will define Splenda Daddy, give Splenda Daddy examples, and define other close terms related to Splenda Daddy.

A Splenda Daddy is defined as a man who wants to be a legitimate Sugar Daddy, but lacks the disposable income to be one.

Do not get Splenda Daddies confused with Salt Daddies. Salt Daddies are scammers, they attempt to trick Sugar Babies into bed. In other words, Continue Reading

Sugar Baby Profile

sugar baby profile

A sugar baby profile gives a sugar baby the ability to stand out amongst other sugar babies. However, not all sugar daddies look for the same thing when browsing profiles.

In this post, we will discuss the 6 parts of a sugar baby profile.

Listed below are 6 parts of a sugar baby profile:

  1. Profile Photos
  2. Sugar Baby Usernames
  3. Sugar Baby Profile Headlines
  4. Sugar Baby Profile About Me
  5. What I’am Looking For Sugar Baby Profile
  6. Sugar Baby Profile Interest

Profile Photos

Profile Photos

I know that posting sugar baby profile pictures is tough. It’s never easy to find that one picture and say ‘Yes, I look good!’.

But on sugar daddy websites, sugar babies must Continue Reading

Sugar Daddy Money

Sugar Daddy Money


how to ask a sugar daddy for money?

The best ways to ask your sugar daddy for money include:

Negotiate the arrangement upfront

1. Negotiate the arrangement upfront.

This is the best approach to any sugar daddy sugar baby relationship for several reasons:

  • You won’t waste time with a fake sugar daddy who isn’t serious about becoming a real sugar daddy. Talk to potential sugar daddies about your expectations. Ask questions about what they have to offer. His response will reveal if he’s a real sugar daddy, a splenda daddy or a salt daddy.
  • A serious sugar daddy will understand your expectations as discussed in advance. He will give you what you deserve plus more. He won’t make you ask. What better way to get money from a sugar daddy than to allow him to give it to you from the goodness of his heart?
  • You make sure that your expectations are in line with the sugar daddy’s relationship expectations and abilities. That’s accomplished before you spend too much time with him. What if you want more money than he can invest at the time? What if your ideas of companionship aren’t compatible? Openly discussing expectations upfront will allow you both to move if needed.

This approach will work if you haven’t met with your sugar daddy yet.

If you have a clear sd sb arrangement prior to taking that step, you shouldn’t have to ask for money.

The relationship may develop smoothly without tension over money.

Are you already involved with a Continue Reading