The dating landscape can be truly perilous.

There are guys who use photos that make them look like models, but when you show up, they are something else entirely.

Guys whose entire game consists of 3 a.m. text messages reading “u up?”

Guys who will go crazy on you when you tell them there’s no chemistry.

And, then, there’s another peril in the dating landscape:

If you spend any time swiping on Tinder, hanging out at parties or enjoying a night out in the club, you’ll eventually run into fuckboys.

Keep reading to learn what they are, how they waste your time and how to recognize them before they get their hooks in you.

What is a Fuckboy?

What is a Fuckboy?

Fuckboy refer to a guy you’d sleep with, but not one that you would ever want to date. He will pretend to genuinely care about you but will always fail to prove it.

The term “fuckboy,” sometimes spelled with an “i”, first made its way into public consciousness through the work of the rapper Cam’ron.

In earlier eras, the term meant someone useless.

A fuckboy was someone with few skills.

Fuckboys were especially likely to be lacking in traditional masculine skills and qualities.

They could not change a tire, hold a job or perform other useful tasks.

Calling a guy a f boy was a way for one man to tell another that he was unworthy.

However, over time, “fuckboy” started to be used more often by women.

From them, it came to refer to guys who were just looking for sex. These were often guys who would pretend to be interested in a relationship.

But they would only, in truth, be looking for new notches on their bedposts.

Slang is always evolving: “Fuckboy” gradually became “fuckboi” and the definition changed with it.

A “fuckboy,” was, at one point, that guy who was just looking to hook up.

But, the hookups have caught up and redefined both the guy and the word.

It’s known and understood that the fuckboy doesn’t want to put effort into a relationship.

This is a given.

However, it is also now recognized that no one in her right mind wants a relationship with him, anyway.

He’s there solely to be fucked.

10 Things You Should Know About Fuckboys

10 Things You Should Know About Fuckboys

While every person is unique, in a lot of ways, most fuckboys are the same.

These are a few of the characteristics that you may not be familiar with.

They are, nonetheless, common to fuckboys the world over.

Here are 10 things you should know about fuckboys.

  1. Fuckboys don’t respect women, but rely on their moms for laundry, meals and even cash. None notice the contradiction or hypocrisy in this.
  2. Nine out of 10 fuckboys can’t find the clitoris. The last one manages to hold onto girls longer since he may actually be worth fucking, at least during a dry spell.
  3. If fuckboys suddenly ceased to exist, the body spray industry would collapse overnight.
  4. When a fuckboy buys a new phone (or has one purchased for him), the only spec he looks at is the quality of the front-facing camera. Gotta get those selfies for his profile pics.
  5. A fuckboy who says he’s into “ethical non-monogamy” is definitely telling at least one girl that they are exclusive.
  6. Fuckboys will tell you that men are driven to “spread their seed,” but they will still get mad if you start seeing someone else, too.
  7. Fuckboys will try to show that they are superior by treating servers and other service professionals badly.
  8. Fuckboys will go for days without calling or texting, but will suddenly blow up your phone at 3 a.m. when they are drunk.
  9. Fuckboys won’t have period sex. (They’ll expect you to blow them instead.)
  10. Fuckboys can’t always be easily identified. Don’t be embarrassed if you wind up dating one for a minute.Many of them are able to talk, dress and act like normal people.

How To Tell If He’s A Fuckboy

How To Tell If He’s A Fuckboy? (Quiz Yourself For These 3 Sure Signs).

Are you getting some weird mixed signals from the guy you are seeing?

3 Simple signs to tell if he’s a fuckboy.

  1. He ghosts for days, then suddenly finds time to shower you with attention again. (This, by the way, is called “love bombing” in pick-up artist circles. It’s used to keep a woman off balance and on the hook.)
  2. All your dates are of the “Netflix and chill” variety and the two of you never seem to leave his apartment together. This can be a sure sign that his friends don’t know about you and that there’s another girl who doesn’t, either.
  3. The biggest sign, however, is a general sense of dissatisfaction with the relationship. You will feel that you are not getting the attention, care, and consideration that you deserve. If every time you two are together, you come away disappointed in one way or another, you may be shacking up with a Grade-A Fuckboy.

If, after exploring the signs, you conclude that you are fucking a fuckboy, do not beat yourself up.

The first step is accepting that it is not your fault.

Many fuckboys blend seamlessly with the general population, disguising themselves as useful human beings.

The fact that you were taken in is not a sign that you are dumb, but a sign that you are an honest person who is willing to trust.

Are There Any Benefits to Fuckboys

Are There Any Benefits to Fuckboys?

If you are reading this site, we know that you are a practical girl.

We’ve also established that fuckboys are plentiful and it can be hard to avoid them.

So, is there any use for these guys?

Could they be beneficial to keep around?

If you find that one in 10 who can find the clit without the assistance of Siri and a PornHub tutorial, he could be useful for scratching the occasional itch.

Those 3 a.m. texts work both ways, and you can just as easily send them as receive them.

Basically, if you can avoid catching feelings every time you catch a dick, there are benefits to fuckboys.

A fuck boy may also employ attention and gifts when he’s trying to increase his personal body count.

If you can stand the banal conversation, you may get a few free meals out of the fuck boy before you get bored and send him on his way.

Should You Avoid Fuckboys

Should You Avoid Fuckboys?

Fuckboys can be useful as long as you are realistic.

You are not going to make a man out of a spoiled little fuckboy.

There is no reforming them.

What you see is all you are going to get.

While they can be good to pass the time, you also have to be careful that you are not wasting your precious attention on someone who is never going to give you something of substance.

Looking for anything of value is like pulling into the McDonald’s drive-through looking for a nourishing meal.

Why a Sugar Daddy Beats a Fuckboy

Why a Sugar Daddy Beats a Fuckboy?

While fuckboys have their place in the dating ecosystem, their downsides cannot be denied.

Let’s face it:

This is a guy who is never going to treat you right.

Money, gifts and time are always going to flow from the girl toward the fuckboy, and almost never in reverse.

The fuckboy relationship is largely transactional:

You get dick and, in return, he gets whatever you are willing to provide to him.

However, girl, never forget this:

Dick is cheap, but pussy is priceless.

You can get laid anywhere.

So, why would you spend your time on someone whose sole redeeming quality is a set of six-pack abs?

If you are comfortable with some open give-and-take in a relationship, why not look for one where you are the one being wined, dined and pampered?

A fuckboy, no matter his age, is a boy.

Someone who is looking for a sugar baby, on the other hand, has the assets and maturity to be considered a man.

While a fuckboy has spent his formative sexual years chasing his own orgasms, a man has learned how to please his partner.

Sugar daddies are truly appreciative of beauty, wit, and youth.

And, they are willing to show their appreciation in a way that a fuckboy never will.

If you find that you don’t have the time or the patience for a full-on relationship, consider a sugar daddy before swiping right on that fuckboy.

You’ll find that you avoid the downsides of the fuckboy while getting a lot of benefits those boys never knew could exist.

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