what is fwb

What is FWB?

In short, the acronym FWB stands for friends with benefits.

FWB are friends who have sex without a romantic relationship or commitment.

The Urban Dictionary defines FWB as:

Casual relationship implying no commitment, but involving companionship (the friends bit) and some sort of physical element like making out, sex, baseball (the benefits). Although rumored to be a myth, absolutely possible.
example: I don’t have a boyfriend, but i do get to make out with my FWB.

Although rumored to be a myth, absolutely possible.

Example: I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do get to make out with my FWB.

However, before you dip into an FWB relationship, it’s good to have a little discussion about what that means to you.

That can include laying out where you are emotional, what you want from the person you’re sharing the sheets with and any rules to keep people from having unmet expectations (we get into some good example ground rules below).

10 Benefits of FWB

10 Benefits of FWB

If you are the joined-at-the-hip romantic type, friends with benefits probably isn’t for you to begin with.

But, if you are independent and like your freedom but also like getting regular companionship and sex, FWB can be the perfect fit.

Thinking that this might be the right path?

Consider these 10 Benefits of FWB.

Reliably good sex

1. Reliably good sex.

Hitting the club and coming home with someone new can be a toss-up.

What if his oral game isn’t up to snuff (or doesn’t exist at all)?

What if he can’t find the clit?

What if he’s one of those tossers who never bothers to bring his A-game to a one night stand because he’s not planning on getting laid there again anyway?

(Editor’s note to that last guy: Stop this. You are why we can’t have nice things.)

With an FWB, you know what you are getting.

You know that you are bedding someone who is worth fucking.

Casual sex is better if you are getting reliable orgasms, so choose your FWB wisely.

(And it goes without saying: if they aren’t getting you off, they are not the right FWB for you.)

Safer sex

2. Safer sex.

If you are friendly enough to be FWBs, you are also friendly enough to know each other’s status and sexual histories.

Plus, you can be more confident that this guy probably isn’t going to starve you in a basement in order to turn you into a skin suit ala Buffalo Bill.

Knowing who you are going home with removes some of the risks associated with non-relationship sex.

3. A cuddle buddy.

Sometimes, you just wanna cuddle on the couch and veg out in front of a little Netflix.

With a good FWB on hand, you always have someone you can get cozy with under a blanket.

And then, when you have had enough and are ready to get back to being your solo self, you can send him on his way.

Someone to sleep with

4. Someone to sleep with.

We don’t mean someone to fuck (although that is obviously part of the package).

We mean someone to fall asleep next to.

If you are one of those people who sleeps better when you have someone in the bed with you, an FWB is a great way to keep yourself in bedmates.

5. A built-in hangout buddy.

Is there a cool new restaurant opening, but you don’t want to eat alone?

Don’t feel like checking out Solo solo?

Just call or text your FWB.

The best friends with benefits relationships have as much emphasis on the “friends” part as they do on the benefits.

Freedom to come and go as you please

6. Freedom to come and go as you please.

How many times have you passed up impromptu after-work hangouts because you wouldn’t be able to reach your boyfriend to say you wouldn’t be home?

With an FWB relationship, there is an understanding that you each also have your own lives.

You can be as independent as you want and never have to report to anyone.

7. No jealousy.

While the green-eyed monster is a part of human nature, it’s generally understood that you should not act jealous when your FWB is flirting with someone else.

If you like to enjoy a little sexual tension between you and those cute guys you meet when you are out and about, keeping your main relationship to an FWB can help you have that without having to deal with drama or guilt.

No dumb fights

8. No dumb fights.

In a traditional romantic relationship, lots of innocuous interactions can suddenly become fraught with tension.

The fact that you don’t want to watch an ultimate fighting pay per view marathon with your boyfriend turns into, “you are never into my interests.”

He leaves his socks on the floor and you start to wonder whether your state considers that a justification for homicide.

With an FWB, the stakes are lower, so there are far fewer reasons to get into any drama.

You guys are just having fun, keeping things light and simple.

You don’t have a romantic attachment, so you can avoid all the drama that comes with one.

No obligations

9. No obligations.

In a traditional relationship, you need to put on your big girl panties and grit your teeth through lunch with his racist uncle to preserve the peace.

With an FWB, there are none of these sacrifices on the altar of coupledom.

Don’t like poker night?

FWB can just host it at his place and you’ll find something else to do that night.

A life free from watching someone play video games is worth the price of admission.

10. Plenty of space.

Do you sometimes feel suffocated in a traditional relationship?

Do you value time to yourself?

A friends with benefits arrangement allows you the chance to claim your space and your privacy.

A boyfriend is going to get his feelings hurt if you decide that you just don’t feel like hanging out today.

He may even start wondering if you’re out creeping when what you really want is to watch your shows in peace.

Your FWB has no such expectations of claims on your time.

You can let them know when you want to see them; the rest of the time, you are each free to do as you please.

FWB Relationship (4 answers to questions)

FWB Relationship (4 answers to questions)

Friends with benefits relationships are actually pretty common; one survey indicated that over 50% of people currently in their 20s have had at least one.

But, you need to go into these relationships with your eyes open in order to get the most out of them.

Learn about what’s typical, what’s possible and what’s best in order to make your FWB work for you.

1. How does this type of relationship work?

Like any other relationship type, every friends with benefits relationship is different.

However, there are a few common similarities that you’ll find in most FWB arrangements.

Typically, you and your friend will agree that this is explicitly not a romantic relationship.

It’s a sexual relationship that is ongoing and has a friendly element, as well.

Different FWB pairings will come up with different rules.

By figuring out what works for you both, you can keep the arrangement satisfying and fun without getting too heavy.

What do friends with benefits do together

2. What do friends with benefits do together?

Again, this comes down to the individuals involved.

Obviously, there will be some sexual activity; the specifics there are up to you.

Some friends with benefits also hang out together at one another’s houses platonically.

Some will go out and hang out together, while others will never be seen together in public.

There is no rule book here with a carved-in-stone list of shoulds, shouldn’ts, musts, and don’ts.

You get to decide what’s in this relationship for you.

What Does FWB Mean Sexually

3. What Does FWB Mean Sexually?

For most people, an FWB relationship will involve penetrative sex.

However, some people find that they prefer their FWB arrangements with vigorous make-out sessions; instead of full-on sex, they agree to keeping the activities to “everything but.”

Most friends with benefits relationships are implicitly non-monogamous.

The logic goes, “after all, if you are only going to be fucking one person, you may as well be in a relationship.”

The freedom to pick someone else up and have some fun definitely has its appeal.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with adding exclusivity as a condition of your FWB if that is fine with both people involved.

Exclusivity reduces the risk of STDs.

If you are both tested and honest about not sleeping with anyone else, you could even go condom-free at some point, which is a perk for many.

How to end friends with benefits relationships

4. How to end friends with benefits relationships?

It could be said that how you end a relationship says as much about you as what you do while you are in it.

While people could be excused for thinking that there are fewer rules when it comes to ending an FWB, these are people who are doomed to have a headlight busted out someday.

Friends with benefits relationships are typically short.

Even in the best-managed arrangement, it is possible for one person to catch feelings and find that FWB stops being fun.

Also, one or both of you might meet someone you want to have a regular boyfriend/girlfriend thing with.

That is natural and understandable.

When you end your FWB, be kind and respectful.

Let them know how much you enjoyed this aspect of your friendship, but that you think it’s time you stop spending time together between the sheets.

Don’t be mean or nasty, even if you are the one who caught feelings and is no longer feeling the FWB.

When you decide to stop the FWB, stop.

It is a waste of your time, effort and patience to keep sleeping with someone who you decided you weren’t going to fuck anymore. And, only say, “let’s still be friends” if you mean that.

There is no reason to cringe your way through your ex-FWB Instagram-perfect couple’s cruise if you are not in the mood to see that shit.

If you don’t want to talk anymore after, you are not the bad guy.

By being respectful and honest, you can often preserve the F part while dispensing with the B.

Some people find that, after getting naked together a whole lot, their friendship with their FWB is stronger than it was before.

Good friends get harder and harder to find after you leave the college years behind; so, if you can keep things friendly with your ex-FWB, that can be really good for both of you.

FWB Rules

FWB Rules

Some folks might scoff and decide that rules are for couples.

“I thought the idea was no complications!” they’d say.

But, establishing clear ground rules at the beginning can help you make things go better for you both when it ends.

In one study about friends with benefits relationships, researchers found that only one in three of those relationships persisted in its FWB state.

Around twenty percent said that it just fizzled out eventually.

An additional ten percent started dating; a significant portion of the final third found that they couldn’t be friends anymore, with or without benefits.

To make your FWB arrangement sustainable, it’s a good idea to have some rules from the beginning.

Clear and open communication means that you can avoid misunderstandings and keep the drama out of your lives.

The rules that every coupling can live with will be different.

But, these are some suggestions to get the conversation started.

Now, let’s turn to 6 FWB rules:

Kissing rules

1. Kissing rules.

There are many people who feel that kissing is more intimate than sex.

As a result, some folks like to leave the lip-locking out of their FWB arrangement.

Other people really dig a good snog as much as a good shag; for these people, no-kissing is a dealbreaker.

Make sure you and your FWB are on the same page here.

2. Do you do sexless sleepovers?

For some people, sleeping in the same bed on a night you aren’t getting it on veers too close into couples territory.

For others, the easy intimacy is a benefit.

Talk about whether you are comfortable with sleeping over when you aren’t shagging to see whether you two are in agreement on the rule here.

3. Do you have to sleep over at all?

Any girl who’s had to slog home on zero sleep the night after a tumble can agree: sometimes you just want to sleep in your own bed.

Should you or your FWB expect a sleepover on a night you hook up?

Or is it okay to head home afterward and sleep in the place where you don’t have to brush your teeth with a washcloth?

Public hangouts do or don't

4. Public hangouts: do or don’t?

Decide whether your arrangement only happens in private or whether you two can appear in public together.

Some FWBs limit public face-time to group activities only.

Others decide to hang out one on one either whenever they feel like it or only when they are going someplace where they won’t see friends.

5. Speaking of the public: who gets to know about your FWB?

Some folks overshare everything and everyone around them knows who’s been getting up in their private parts.

Other people prefer to keep their sexual exploits more discreet.

Make sure that you and your FWB have the same understanding regarding who can know that you two are fucking.

This way, no one gets a nasty surprise when they realize everyone at the table knows you’ve had FWB dick in you.

6. Seeing other people.

As mentioned before, most FWB relationships are no strings attached.

However, there are some subtleties that should be discussed.

Is it okay to show up somewhere with a date when you know your FWB is going to be there?

Can you guys pick people up in front of one another?

Discretion can often make the FWB relationship easier to manage and make it last longer.

Fwb tips

Fwb tips

A friends with benefits arrangement can be a great thing to get you through a dry spell.

Your FWB may not be the guy you see yourself with long term, but he can definitely fill the role (and cut down on battery use) for right now.

However, you need to make sure that your FWB is fun.

Do you find that you don’t enjoy hanging out with your FWB?

Are you always watching the clock to see how soon you can leave?

Is the sex merely adequate or not that good at all?

FWBs can be incredibly empowering, but only if you embrace your own power.

Do not be afraid to tell an FWB how you want things and what you are looking for from an arrangement.

After all, the worst thing he can say is that he’s not looking for the same thing.

This leaves you free to find another FWB that will suit you better.

Life is too short not to get what you want.

Be upfront and bold about your desires in order to have them come to you.

Great reasons for women to try FWB Sugar Daddy Relationships.

Maybe you already have someone in your social group who you are keeping in mind for an FWB.

Maybe — oops! — you tumbled into bed with a friend recently.

This can mean you are wondering how to make this a regular thing without making it a thing.

If so congratulations! Go forth into the friends with benefits universe, with all it has to offer.

However, if you have found yourself wanting an FWB relationship, but don’t have a candidate, you have a chance to consider exactly what you are looking for from an FWB arrangement.

Don’t just settle for a decent guy attached to some really nice abs.

Think about honing and expanding your search parameters.

What if one of the benefits of your FWB arrangement was a bit more money in your pocket?

What if another was traveling to exotic locations throughout the globe?

And a third was luxurious gifts?

Most FWB relationships explicitly remove the possibility of spoiling and presents.

After all, that’s for boyfriends, not friends, right?

The exception to this rule

The exception to this rule is the FWB relationship formed with a sugar daddy/sugar baby focus in mind.

Not looking for something emotional?

The transactional nature of a sugar daddy relationship can be just the thing.

Most friends with benefits have rules; sugar daddy arrangements do, too.

This will just be a list that also lays out exactly what you are getting out of the deal besides sex.

It can be hard to find guys your own age who make good friends when you are not enjoying the other benefits.

Men who are in a position to take on a sugar baby are also often sophisticated enough to make good company outside the bedroom.

With a sugar daddy, there is no undefined weirdness about when and how you two can appear in public together.

No need to worry that the restaurant you went to is too romantic. With a sugar daddy FWB, you each know where you stand.

Don’t jump into an FWB with very limited benefits.

Instead, scroll around and see if there is a sugar daddy out there who can be a fit for you.

In addition to freedom, sex, and light commitment, you get to enjoy the finer things in life as a benefit, as well.

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