How To Be A Sugar Baby

How To Be A Sugar Baby


  1. Look Like a Sugar Baby
  2. Dont Lead with Sex
  3. Improve Your Negotiation Skills
  4. Keep Your Emotions In Check
  5. Acknowledge Misconceptions and Criticisms

5 simple steps to be a sugar baby.

Look Like a Sugar Baby

1. Look Like a Sugar Baby

Let’s get appearance out of the way first because it’s what many hopeful sugar babies spend too much time worrying about.

It’s true that a sugar baby must take care of herself so that she’s well groomed and has the confidence to hold her head high at all times.

That doesn’t mean that you need to get plastic surgery, invest thousands of dollars in hair extensions or pile on the makeup to hide what you think are minor blemishes.

Sugar daddies are looking for real women, and they want to see who you really are inside and out.

Most daddies are far from perfect physically, and they don’t expect perfection from their women.

In fact, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

That woman that you don’t find attractive is a goddess in the eyes of the right man.

If your goal is to find a sugar daddy, focus on caring for your body and maintaining a consistent and believable image.

Sugar daddies will notice if you’re fake, so always stick to your authentic self.

Don't Lead with Sex

2. Don’t Lead with Sex

The sugar lifestyle isn’t prostitution.

Genuine sugar daddies want companionship more than sexual encounters.

They want to get to know you as a person, and many will feel turned off and lose interest if you get too sexual too fast.

Slow down, get to know potential sugar daddies and allow each relationship to develop naturally over time.

Notice that this means your sugar relationships will amount to more than one-night stands and long-distance Skype sex.

A true sugar daddy relationship will give you some time to work up to the sexual relationship without withholding all financial benefit until the dirty deed is done.

If the emphasis is on sex or you’re directly compensated for sex, you’re a prostitute rather than a sugar baby.

This doesn’t mean that you have to wait months before including sex.

It also doesn’t mean that your sugar daddy won’t increase your allowance or give you more expensive gifts once a sexual relationship is established.

What’s important is that you move at your own pace and are never pressured to have sex for money.

Improve Your Negotiation Skills

3. Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Some long-term sugar relationships feel like boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios because they are so natural and you enjoy spending time together so much.

What differentiates the sugar couple is the upfront arrangement that serves both parties well.

If your negotiation skills are at least average, you will have the confidence to ask for what you know you’re worth and what you really need out of the relationship.

Conversations surrounding the details of an arrangement should never feel combative.

In fact, many sugar babies are rather playful and lighthearted when negotiating.

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t telling the sugar daddy what they need and want while pushing for what they know they’re worth.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

4. Keep Your Emotions In Check

Many sugar daddies and sugar mommas turn to the sugar lifestyle because they don’t like the drama that goes along with traditional relationships.

You’re likely to hang out with busy professionals who deal with enough tension and chaos when they’re working or back home with their families.

They want to spend time with a happy, confident, and secure sugar baby who knows how to have a great time.

Think of yourself as your sugar daddy’s escape from the stress of ambitious career goals and challenging work environments.

You’re the one who should put a smile on his face and give him something to look forward to, so there’s no place for emotional drama.

Acknowledge Misconceptions and Criticisms

5. Acknowledge Misconceptions and Criticisms

There’s a reason that many sugar babies keep their personal lives private.

Many won’t even tell their closest friends about their lifestyle because they don’t want to change how their loved ones think of them.

Many people still equate sugaring with prostitution, so revealing a preference for this lifestyle could mean losing friends or even putting your day job in jeopardy.

Sugar babies step into this lifestyle with a full understanding of the misconceptions running rampant in today’s world.

If you choose to take that step, make sure that you take the lifestyle seriously and prepare to stick up for your integrity if someone does find out.

If they react badly, you may need to remove them from your life for your own sanity.

summing it up

Summing Up

Finally, if you want to be a sugar baby, act like a sugar baby.

Stop sleeping with men who have nothing to offer just because you’re in the mood.

Find out where successful, wealthy men hang out in your community, and make those places your new hot spots.

You can’t elevate your lifestyle if you aren’t interacting with people who are above your current position in life.

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