How to be a Sugar Daddy

How to be a Sugar Daddy


  1. Develop the financial ability to support at least one sugar baby
  2. Determine what you want to gain from sugar arrangements
  3. Sharpen your image
  4. Allow the right sugar baby to find you easily

4 easy steps to be a sugar daddy fast.

Develop the financial ability to support at least one sugar baby

1. Develop the financial ability to support at least one sugar baby.

You can’t become a sugar daddy if you don’t have disposable assets.

Exactly how much money you need depends on your sugar daddy type.

It also depends on the type of sugar baby that you want to attract.

Some sugar babies may allow you to pay on a per-meeting basis.

Others simply enjoy taking lavish vacations and weekend trips.

You can spend time with these sugar babies only when you have the money available.

This allows you to work within your budget.

Sending flowers, jewelry and other gifts by mail may keep a baby’s interest between trips.

Most serious babies will expect a monthly or weekly allowance.

You can expect to automatically send the allowance every week or month no matter how often you see the sugar baby.

According to data collected by Seeking Arrangement in 2018, the average monthly allowance for U.S. sugar babies is around $2,800.

Some expect much more.

Others will accept substantially less.

If you cannot part with at least $2,000 per month comfortably, that is your first challenge.

Work to increase your overall wealth.

You want the right sugar baby to take you seriously.

Determine what you want to gain from a sugar arrangement

2. Determine what you want to gain from a sugar arrangement.

This is often skipped by men who are in a rush to find their first sugar babies.

Most pay for that decision later.

Experienced sugar babies don’t take them seriously.

They may end up with sugar relationships that aren’t satisfying.

Do yourself a favor.

Spend some time answering the following questions:

What is one thing that your sugar baby must bring to the table?

Perhaps you’re looking for an intelligent sugar baby who fits in at professional events.

Maybe you need a low-maintenance girl who loves casual social gatherings.

The options are endless.

Identify one characteristic that you cannot do without.

What can you offer other than money?

Maybe you’ll highlight your love of travel or your wine expertise.

Perhaps you want to mentor a sugar baby who appreciates your professional success.

You may simply go with your charming good looks or pleasant personality.

What is your ideal sugar arrangement?

Do you want a full-time sugar baby who receives an allowance?

Are you looking for occasional meetings? What about the occasional travel buddy?

It may take some time to find the perfect arrangement.

You will get there if you know what you’re trying to find.

What motivates you to pursue a sugar baby?

Your reasons for joining the sugar lifestyle will help you find the right match.

You may struggle to meet women in your daily life.

Maybe you just want to speed up the process.

You may just want to explore a dating structure that doesn’t emphasize marriage.

If you’re a traveling businessman, you may simply need companionship while away from home.

You’re now in touch with your motivations for pursuing sugar babies.

You know what you’re looking for in a woman.

You’re ready to start looking for arrangements that make you happy.

Sharpen your image

3. Sharpen your image.

Appearance matters even if you aren’t interested in a sexual relationship.

You don’t have to lose 100 pounds or buy a wig to cover your bald spot.

You just need to present the best version of yourself.

Show potential sugar babies that you take care of your body.

You care about your image. You’re well groomed.

Are you looking for an attractive sugar baby who presents herself with class?

You need to create a personal image that attracts that type of woman.

You should look your best from head to toe.

That includes a car that women will want to slip into and clothing that suits your body type.

If you aren’t sure how to sharpen your image, get professional help.

Go to an upscale spa or beauty parlor to update your hair, skin, and nails.

Then go to an upscale boutique or department store and ask for a personal shopper.

They can help you with fashion for all aspects of your life.

This isn’t about splashing your wealth.

You’re just showing sugar babies that you take excellent care of yourself.

If you can’t take care of yourself, why should any woman trust you to take care of her?

Allow the right sugar baby to find you easily

4. Allow the right sugar baby to find you easily.

Place yourself in the path of as many sugar babies as possible.

You can join Seeking Arrangement or another sugar baby website.

Spend time interacting with as many women as possible.

That includes online and in real life.

You may also need to alter your lifestyle so that you’re more approachable.

Start paying more attention to the people around you.

That includes men and women who aren’t at your level professionally.

For instance, acknowledge the girl who makes your coffee each morning.

Maybe there’s something interesting about the college student whom you bump into constantly at the bookstore.

Start saying hello.

Flash a warm smile.

Keep your face up to the world rather than buried in your phone.

Slow your pace, noticing your surroundings as you walk.

Open yourself to real-life interactions.

Do you stay home a lot?

Do you rarely venture beyond your hotel room when traveling?

It’s time to expand your horizons.

Check out a trendy club.

Go for drinks in the hotel lobby.

Attend more conventions, poetry readings, dance lessons or other events that relate to your profession or hobbies.

More activity means more women to meet.

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