How To Become A Sugar Baby

How To Become A Sugar Baby

  1. Create your persona
  2. Take some great pictures and create profiles to match
  3. Start vetting candidates
  4. Make your arrangement
  5. Never forget the terms of your agreement

5 simple steps to become a sugar baby fast.

Create your persona

1: Create your persona

Every other step will go so much easier if you have clear ideas going into step one.

Write down the qualities you want to exemplify as a sugar baby.

Are you an innocent girl next door type?

A sexy yet proper southern belle?

A smart college girl who is looking for her perfect professor?

Write down a little list of what your persona will be and always keep this in mind when you are writing profiles, taking pictures or starting conversations.

There’s no need to play a completely fictional role.

That would get a little tiring and confusing. Instead, think of the qualities in yourself that make you attractive sugar baby material.

By emphasizing these in every profile, you can be sure that you come off as more authentic.

There’s nothing worse than having a guy see you in one persona on one site and another on a different one.

Many sugar daddies are cautious and careful, and conflicting personas can make them decide (even though you aren’t) that you are some kind of scammer.

Take some great pictures and create profiles to match

2: Take some great pictures and create profiles to match

The sugar baby game is competitive.

A couple of mirror selfies and some generic text isn’t going to cut it.

This arrangement is all about providing value to one another, so you have to be able to show from the first impression that you are worth it.

Your profile shouldn’t be a boring biography that is all about you.

Instead, it should be about how all of your qualities make you an excellent and valuable companion.

Instead of saying, “I like to buy designer clothes,” for instance, tell your potential suitors, “my taste for perfectly fitted, quality clothing means that heads will always turn when you walk into a room with me on your arm”.

There are a lot of online tutorials on creating a profile.

Study other girls’ listings, as well, to get an idea of what should be in yours. (But obviously, don’t just lift someone else’s text. You’ll get caught, for one. Also, you want to make sure that your profile is all about what is unique about you.)

Start vetting candidates

3: Start vetting candidates

This part of sugar dating is pretty much like regular online dating.

You’ll have to chat with a few guys and meet a few before you find a good match.

At this point, do not get too hung up on any one guy or idea of a guy.

Some potential sugar daddies are better at wasting your time than enriching your life.

If someone takes too long to meet, makes huge promises without coming through and generally takes up too much time chatting without progressing, do not feel bad at all about cutting off the conversation and moving on.

Make your arrangement

4: Make your arrangement

If you have met someone and think you can spend some time together, it’s time to solidify the terms of your relationship.

Be straightforward.

There is no benefit to being coy about what you want.

That just leads to disappointment and frustration for you both.

Many men who seek sugar babies seek these arrangements specifically because they are uncomplicated and direct.

When creating your arrangement, work out clear details.

How often will you meet?

Do you plan to meet at a hotel, your place or your sugar daddy’s home?

What is involved in your typical date? Will there be travel?

What sort of allowance will you receive, and how often?

How long do you think your relationship will last?

You should also each outline your deal-breakers.

Some guys, for instance, expect exclusive arrangements, as do some girls.

You can also outline rules regarding failure to pay the allowance or what happens if one of you needs to cancel a meeting at the last minute.

Never forget the terms of your agreement

5: Never forget the terms of your agreement

Sugar dating is not like regular dating.

There shouldn’t be a time where you get comfortable and start putting in less effort.

This applies to you both. Be firm about your needs when it comes to payments, gifts, nice meals, and trips.

At the same time, keep up your rigorous beauty routine and stay interesting to talk to.

Your goal is to be a highly valuable companion who is well-compensated for her time.

Pros and Cons of becoming a Sugar Baby

Pros and Cons of becoming a Sugar Baby

Sugaring has a lot to recommend it, but it’s not all fine dining and fancy gifts.

It’s important to understand what is involved in the sugar baby lifestyle on a day to day basis if you are going to be effective at it and get what you want from it.

Sugaring has a lot of pros to recommend it.

The money and gifts, of course, are at the top of the list.

Many sugar babies also get great enjoyment from the chance to spend time with a mature and sophisticated adult instead of wasting time with immature boys.

Sugar baby lifestyles offer lots of free time.

After all, when a generous gentleman is taking care of all of your bills, you have to dedicate far less time to earn a living.

However, there are also many factors that can be potential downsides for some girls who may otherwise be interested.

For instance, while you have lots of free time, sugar babying also means making your schedule fit your sugar daddy’s.

He may have a busy lifestyle that does not offer him the chance to do a lot of advance planning; if this is true for the man you match with, you may need to leave plans in other parts of your life loose so you can be available at a moment’s notice.

Sugar babying means that, when you are with your sugar daddy, his enjoyment is key.

You can’t have moody days where you never get out of sweats and complain about how your cat vomited on the floor.

After all, be reasonable: who would pay to hear that?

Being a sugar baby often also means foregoing a traditional boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Lots of guys are just not open to the idea of their girl putting so much effort into someone else.

Additionally, some sugar daddies look for exclusive arrangements for reasons that range from STD safety to a desire to avoid potential drama.

Finding a sugar daddy is a process that can be a little intimidating if you have not delved into this area before.

However, if you follow the steps above, you will find that you are able to generate a lot of interest from the right kind of guys and make an arrangement that fits for you.

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