How to Find a Sugar Daddy

How to Find a Sugar Daddy

  1. Set your boundaries
  2. Delete your profile from non-sugar dating services
  3. Pay more attention to men in your daily life
  4. Leverage your personal connections
  5. Explore your local area
  6. Explore personal goals and passions
  7. Get comfortable asking assuming questions
  8. Express what you need without whining
  9. Keep the mystery alive
  10. Learn to take notes

Here are 10 effective tips to find a sugar daddy fast

There are many ways to find a sugar daddy.

However, you need an effective plan to accomplish your goal.

So, we have put together a list of tips to help you on your adventure.

Here are 10 effective tips to find a sugar daddy fast.

Set your boundaries

1. Set your boundaries.

Did you expect to jump right into a deep pool of eligible sugar daddies?

It’s important to determine your boundaries first.

This will help you assess potential sugar daddies and arrangements so that you get what you want.

There are sugar relationships out there for everyone.

You must know what defines a successful arrangement in your world.

Use this checklist to establish your personal boundaries.

Keep in mind that there are no right and wrong answers. Every sugar baby is different.

Business vs. Personal

Business vs. Personal – Will sugaring pay your bills?

Will it elevate your lifestyle?

Are you searching for companionship?

Do you hope to fall in love?

Money is an obvious motivation, but what else do you want to get out of an arrangement?

Exclusivity vs Serial Dating

Exclusivity vs Serial Dating – Do you want to develop a long-term relationship with one committed sugar daddy?

Or do you prefer to date multiple sugar daddies?

Exclusive arrangements are harder to secure.

Make sure to discuss your expectations upfront.

Communication Expectations

Communication Expectations – Do you expect your sugar daddy to talk to you daily?

Or would you prefer more distance in the arrangement?

This is often decided by whether you’re using this lifestyle as a business model or for personal pleasure.

It’s also important to think about hours during which you don’t want a sugar daddy to contact you.

Location Matters

Location Matters – Are you open to long-distance sugar daddies?

Think about what it means to have a sugar daddy who lives hours away.

Meeting will require travel.

You may only see him when he invites you on vacations.

Sugar daddies close to home may feel more like boyfriends with regular meetings.

Age Ranges

Age Ranges – Some sugar daddies are looking for companionship later in life.

Older men sometimes look much younger than their actual age.

Many remain active despite their age.

Do you want to stick to a strict age range?

Will you judge each man by his attractiveness and energy level instead of age?

Personal Space

Personal Space – Some babies invite sugar daddies into their homes. Others prefer to meet away from home.

With your boundaries in place, it’s time to find the sugar daddy of your dreams.

Personal Space

2. Delete your profile from non-sugar dating services.

You will read online about sugar babies who search for men through Craigslist.

Others try basic dating services like OkCupid and Tinder.

You will also read a lot of horror stories from women who take those paths.

There are a lot of people in the dating world who don’t understand sugar dating.

The most direct path is often the best path.

That means spending your time on sugar daddy dating apps and websites.

The more sugar services you join, the more men you may meet.

The more time you spend talking to others, the faster you may find the perfect sugar daddy.

Fill your profile with recent photos that highlight your best features.

Attractive is better than provocative.

Think about your personality and the image that you want to present.

Tailor your profile to fit that image.

Pay more attention to men in your daily life

3. Pay more attention to men in your daily life.

Many women overlook the older gentlemen passing them by every day.

An aspiring sugar baby will give them the attention that they deserve.

Look for signs of wealth, but keep in mind that many rich men live modestly.

They don’t flash their money openly.

It may take some time to determine if a man is wealthy and interested in a sugar baby.

Sugar daddy websites make the process easier and simpler.

Keep your eyes open in real life and online.

When you meet a potential sugar daddy in real life, look for signs that he’s into you.

In most cases, his body will give it away. Look for the following physical signs:

  • Licking lips
  • Raised eyebrows
  • Dilated pupils
  • Smiles that show his front teeth
  • Smiles that wrinkle his forehead
  • Feet pointing in your direction
  • Pelvis turned in your direction
  • Shoulders pointed toward you
  • Leaning in close when talking to you
  • Small touches

An interested man may also spend more time with you than others.

Don’t assume that every man who is interested in you wants to give you money.

We’ll talk more in a moment about asking assuming questions to determine what a man is willing to do for you in a subtle manner.

Leverage your personal connections

4. Leverage your personal connections

Social media is gold for finding potential sugar daddies.

Pay attention to the people interacting with your friends online.

Look through their connections.

You never know how many wealthy men are already in contact with the people you know and love.

When someone catches your attention, ask your mutual friend for more information.

Who are they in real life?

Are they single?

When you feel comfortable, reach out to the man directly.

You may also ask your friend for an invitation.

Decide what you feel comfortable within this area.

You may send a friend invite or direct message to the man without an introduction.

You may ask your mutual friend to arrange a group date.

Consider who the mutual friend is and how much they know about your romantic interests.

Go slowly and approach these men with class.

The last thing you want is a bunch of men telling your friends that you’re sending them suggestive messages.

Some friends may willingly connect you with wealthy men if they’re aware of your interests.

Explore your local area

5. Explore your local area.

Where do wealthy people in your city hang out?

What about surrounding cities or states that attract people of wealth?

These are the places that you should frequent.

Always arrive looking your best.

Give everyone you meet a smile.

Don’t just look for potential sugar daddies when you go out.

Make as many new friends and social media connections as possible.

You can leverage those connections to find wealthy men.

More friends should translate to more invitations to exclusive events.

That means more opportunities to meet men with sugar daddy potential.

Explore personal goals and passions

6. Explore personal goals and passions.

Sugar daddies are attracted to ambitious, successful women.

As you chase your own dreams, you may naturally meet a great sugar daddy.

Don’t get so caught up in finding ways to meet sugar daddies that you fail to accomplish big things on your own.

The more you accomplish, the more you have to offer.

Get comfortable asking assuming questions

7. Get comfortable asking assuming questions.

One experienced sugar baby wrote in The Cut that she asks potential daddies where they want to take her first.

A man’s answer reveals his level of interest in travel.

You can use this strategy to determine if a man is interested in the sugar lifestyle.

It’s also a subtle way to see if a potential sugar daddy matches your interests.

Determine what you must get from a sugar daddy to feel satisfied.

Then come up with one or two assuming questions that you will ask when meeting someone new.

Ask in a playful but serious manner.

Pay close attention to his reaction.

You’re revealing an important expectation of your own while sizing him up.

Express what you need without whining

8. Express what you need without whining.

Tell a potential sugar daddy what you expect from him without whining or nagging.

Most men are looking for fun, upbeat women.

They appreciate a positive mindset.

Give them a reason to smile rather than stressing them out.

Get to know a man before negotiating the terms of an ongoing arrangement.

From there, you don’t need to ask for money or beg for gifts.

Bring value to his world, and he will give you those things willingly.

Most sugar babies arrange an allowance in the open negotiation phase.

Keep the mystery alive

9. Keep the mystery alive.

Your personality is a tool to attract a sugar daddy.

Just don’t let it all hang out too soon.

Most men will show interest in a woman faster and maintain interest longer when she’s a mystery.

He doesn’t want to know every detail of your daily life.

Focus on fun and positivity. You’re like an orange.

He wants to peel you open with time.

Learn to take notes

10. Learn to take notes.

It’s okay to talk to multiple men.

You just can’t mix them up.

That’s an insult that stings for any man.

You can take notes on your cell phone, a spreadsheet or in a notebook.

Jot down reminders until you get to know each man on a deeper level.

Also, keep a record of men you’ve ruled out.

You may run into them again through another dating app.

Notes will help you quickly remember why you moved away from them in the past.

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