How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money

How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money


  1. Sharpen your image
  2. Learn to speak up for yourself
  3. Give your sugar daddy your full attention
  4. Set boundaries regarding companionship without payment
  5. Never have phone or online sex with a sugar daddy that you don’t know

5 easy steps to get a sugar daddy to give you money.

Sharpen your image

1. Sharpen your image.

We give potential sugar daddies the same advice because first impressions are almost always based on appearances.

You have so much to offer beyond physical beauty.

That beauty is still what attracts men at first sight.

This doesn’t mean that you must have a perfect body or the smile of a toothpaste model.

It’s more about presenting the best version of yourself.

Let your appearance reflect your personality.

You want potential sugar daddies to take one look at you and see your biggest assets.

Intrigue them into striking up a conversation online or in real life.

Determine what type of sugar daddy you want to attract.

Try to guess what that type of man is looking for in a sugar baby.

For example, assume you want to attract a man who will take you to prestigious dinner parties.

He will fly you around the country for vacations.

You may create the image of a well-traveled woman.

Maybe your style will reflect your sophistication.

You will display your brains through witty conversations on a variety of topics.

What if your current image doesn’t align with the image you want to reflect?

It’s time for a makeover. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, why would a man invest in you?

You know what they say: Fake it ’till you make it.

Learn to speak up for yourself

2. Learn to speak up for yourself.

This is all that many women need to do in order to receive money from a sugar daddy.

Most just don’t know their value.

Just ask for what you want.

Tell your sugar daddy what you need.

Start with your sugar daddy dating website profiles.

Explain what you expect from a sugar daddy in writing.

From there, prepare yourself to tell potential sugar daddies exactly what you want.

Don’t say that you need at least $500 per month when you’re really hoping to receive $2,000 or more.

If you feel unworthy or awkward, the sugar daddy will feel uneasy about the arrangement as well.

If you have trouble asking for what you want, practice in the mirror.

Pretend that a great sugar daddy is sitting in front of you.

He just asked what you hope to get out of the arrangement.

Look yourself in the eye and state exactly what you want.

Go for confident and secure over-demanding.

It also helps to fully understand the concept of the sugar daddy lifestyle.

It’s all about openly negotiating relationships that are mutually beneficial.

An experienced sugar daddy will expect you to communicate openly and honestly.

That will make his job a lot easier, so speak up.

Negotiate with maturity.

Give your sugar daddy your full attention

3. Give your sugar daddy your full attention.

This is a mistake that many new sugar babies make.

Make each sugar daddy feel like your one and only even if you have multiple daddies.

Don’t look at your email or answer text messages from other men while with a sugar daddy.

Pay attention when they’re talking even if you’re uninterested in the topic.

Your goal is to make him enjoy your time together.

He should look forward to seeing you again.

The fastest way to lose the interest of any man is to tune out when he’s talking.

Most men also feel dismissed when you interrupt or talk over them.

Take hours to return his phone calls or text messages, and you may lose a sugar daddy.

The same goes for other behaviors that make a man feel unappreciated or unwanted.

Set boundaries regarding companionship without payment

4. Set boundaries regarding companionship without payment.

You need an established policy that you always follow.

That will make asking for his time or money feel more natural.

For many sugar babies, this is rather simple.

They ask for money upfront before meeting potential sugar daddies even one time.

You can do this by asking for at least a small token of appreciation before the first meeting.

A legit sugar daddy with a sincere interest in you will understand.

You may also set a time limit on allowances.

A sugar daddy must commit to an allowance within that time limit or you stop talking to him.

Make sure to explain this upfront.

Let potential sugar daddies know what to expect when getting to know you.

Did you notice that stating your boundaries and expectations upfront is mentioned a lot here?

It’s simply easier to ask for money when you let the man know upfront what you expect.

It doesn’t come off as a surprise when you ask for it later.

Good sugar daddies will never make you ask once your expectations are clearly expressed.

Never have phone or online sex with men you don't know

5. Never have phone or online sex with men you don’t know.

This is rather blunt, but it’s essential.

New sugar babies are sometimes caught off guard by posers and insincere sugar daddies.

These men join sugar daddy websites, but they don’t have the money to serve as a real sugar daddy.

Some are wealthy but insincere in their intentions.

These men will ask you to call or text them with the intention of turning the conversation to the naughty side.

They just won’t tell you that upfront.

They will string you along for the purpose of phone or online sex only.

They will disappear when you start to question their sincerity about becoming your sugar daddy.

It’s a waste of time that may leave you feeling used and unappreciated.

Phone sex and sexting are possible ways to stay connected to your established, sincere sugar daddy.

These activities should never kick start the relationship.

If a potential sugar daddy insists on sexting or talking naughty immediately, see it as a red flag.

If you want to have some online or phone playtime with an unknown man, ask for a small token of his love first.

If he’s not willing to send you a gift or meet you first, he’s not sincere.

If he’s not giving up the goods, why should you?

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