I Want A Sugar Daddy

I Want A Sugar Daddy

finding a sugar daddy

Your approach to finding a sugar daddy will depend on your motivations for entering the sugar lifestyle.

Start exploring your motivations by completing the following sentence:

I want a sugar daddy who…

  • Enjoy spending time with me.
  • Makes me feel worthwhile.
  • Serve as my travel companion.
  • Can help me get through college without debt.
  • Is willing to spoil me.
  • Doesn’t play games.
  • Isn’t interested in petty drama.
  • Has his life together.
  • Is successful in his own way.

Each of these motivations will lead you to a different type of sugar daddy.

Let’s look in-depth at 6 types of sugar daddies that you may want.

This will help you find a sugar daddy of your dreams.

Companion Only Sugar Daddy

1. Companion Only Sugar Daddy

A companion enjoys spending time with you.

He makes you feel worthwhile.

He will likely have many of the following traits:

He has a considerable amount of free time.

He doesn’t want to spend that free time alone.

He wants to feel included in his sugar baby’s daily life.

He willingly solves problems.

This includes problems that require a financial investment.

He pays attention to other people and gives compliments freely.

He has a great personality. People enjoy his company.

Searching for a companion only sugardaddy requires you to spend time getting to know potential matches.

Don’t make snap judgments based on appearance alone.

What matters most is the way he makes you feel.

A good example of how a sugar daddy may solve problems for a baby is the story of 19-year-old Clover Pittilla.

She wanted to adopt a dog located in another country.

Her sugar daddy paid for the dog without questions.

He had it flown to her home.

She states that some sugar daddies don’t want sex.

They are more interested in spending time with her.

They enjoy buying her expensive gifts.

She’s talking about getting a sugar daddy without giving sugar.

Travel Sugar Daddy

2. Travel Sugar Daddy

Clover’s complete story reveals the luxurious vacations that sugar daddies have offered.

She states that she declines those trips.

Her concern is that daddies will expect sex when she’s not interested in intimacy.

This is a decision that you will have to make as well.

Some sugar daddies do expect intimacy if they’re traveling with a sugar baby.

Not all sugar daddies expect sex from sugar babies on vacation.

They may still hope for a physical connection.

Discuss the issue openly before agreeing to a trip.

The sugar lifestyle is all about open communication.

It’s acceptable to bring up the issue of sex and other expectations.

Your pot sugar daddy will likely have the following traits:

He has proven himself trustworthy and respectful. You feel safe with him.

He loves to travel.

His travel interests align with yours.

His personality blends well with yours.

He has the financial means to pay for your trips.

The first attribute on the list is critical.

It’s something that you won’t know right away.

It’s important to get to know a pot sugar daddy close to home first.

You can then hop on a plane and explore the world safely.

It’s important that you both understand what to expect from one another.

That includes the issue of sex.

If you aren’t ready for intimacy, request in advance that he reserve separate rooms or twin beds.

College Sugar Daddy

3. College Sugar Daddy

Do you want a sugar daddy to pay for college?

Perhaps you need someone to cover your living expenses while you study.

If so, money is your primary concern.

Your ideal sugardaddy is likely to fit the following traits:

He’s generous with cash.

He enjoys giving his sugar baby luxurious gifts.

He’s too busy to invest time in your daily life.

He respects educated sugar babies.

He wants to help his sugar babies succeed.

Many college sugar daddies also appreciate witty conversations.

Impress him with your mind.

That may open his wallet easily when tuition is due.

Lead with your brain, ambition, and career goals.

SugarDaddy To Spoil Me

4. SugarDaddy To Spoil Me

Do you want a sugardaddy who elevates your lifestyle?

Should he give you things that you can’t afford on your own?

If so, you’re after a daddy with the following attributes:

He has a generous spirit.

He gets pleasure from giving to others.

He’s accustomed to spoiling women.

He knows what women want and expect.

He appreciates beauty in women.

He understands that beauty is amplified through pampering.

He enjoys showing off and buying expensive things.

He wants to share his wealth.

You’re likely looking for an experienced sugar daddy.

He understands the lifestyle.

He doesn’t make you ask for money.

This is sometimes the easiest type of sugar daddy to find.

Many wealthy men just love women.

They want to spoil them without investing much time.

Many career sugar babies are looking for this type of daddy.

They’re not interested in companionship or personal relationships.

It’s all about financial rewards.

All sugar daddies are generous in their own way.

The amount of emphasis that you place on personal connection is important.

This one distinction will help you find a sugar daddy who is well suited to your needs.

Straightforward Sugar Daddy

5. Straightforward Sugar Daddy

Do you want a sugar daddy who doesn’t play games?

What about a daddy who is always upfront with you?

If that sounds good, your ideal sugar daddy is likely to exhibit the following characteristics:

He’s probably over the age of 40.

He has learned from relationships in his younger years.

He openly tells you what he needs from your arrangement.

He listens to what you need as well.

His expectations from a sugar baby are reasonable.

He doesn’t lead you on. He genuinely does his best not to hurt you in any way.

You’re looking for the kindhearted, sweet sugar daddy.

He always tells you the truth.

He discusses issues with maturity.

He probably has no patience or time for drama.

You’re a simple girl who is equally as straightforward.

Pay attention to the way potential sugar daddies talk to you.

Some will dodge serious conversations.

Others may get embarrassed when it’s time to discuss sensitive topics.

They probably can’t meet your personal needs.

Hold out for a man who gives it to you straight without blushing.

Successful Sugar Daddy

6. Successful Sugar Daddy

Your sugar daddy is best described by the following statements:

He is an established professional.

He may run his own business.

He may also have a prestigious position with a company.

He has a full life.

He keeps busy.

He doesn’t depend on his sugar babies for constant companionship.

He appreciates ambitious women.

He loves that his sugar babies are out there chasing big dreams.

He could write a book about motivation and success based on his own life.

Most successful men are looking for women with similar motivations.

You may not have the same level of wealth.

Your drive and determination will still impress him.

You should have a life of your own.

You need goals and the drive to reach them.

That is what will most likely attract the super successful sugar daddy.

The right sugar daddy will want to help you reach your goals.

They will appreciate that you strive for your own definition of success.

The more you thrive, the more powerful men you’re likely to meet.

Those men will want to give you a boost to the next level.

Find Your Sugar Daddy

Find Your Sugar Daddy

You don’t just want any sugar daddy.

You want the right daddy for your life.

There are many types of wealthy men out there.

Some are better suited to your needs than others.

It’s time to hit those sugar daddy websites.

Go find your sugar daddy for free now!

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