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No Strings Attached


What Does No Strings Attached Mean

What Does No Strings Attached Mean?

No Strings Attached means that no special conditions or restrictions apply to a relationship.

The Urban Dictionary defines No Strings Attached as doing something for another person without expectation of receiving something in return.

It also defines “no strings attached” as dating non-exclusively.

When you see no strings attached in a context related to dating, the goal is pleasure without commitment.

Bottom line?

Many people are frustrated and bored by the rules and games that go along with traditional dating practices.

No-strings relationships are an attractive alternative.

This guide will fill you in on what it takes to successfully maintain a no strings attached relationship.

It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you attempt this nontraditional style of dating.

No Strings Attached vs Open Relationships

No Strings Attached vs Open Relationships

Open relationships straddle the boundary between traditional dating and no-strings-attached arrangements.

Most couples in an open relationship will refer to one another as boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife.

The catch is that they give one another freedom to see other people outside of the relationship.

Most open relationships have rules that dictate what each person can and cannot do when seeing other people.

These arrangements aren’t always completely without strings.

For instance, a couple may decide to date other people while notifying their partner before having sex.

Other couples may place limits on dating one another’s friends or work colleagues.

Those rules serve as strings that restrict the relationship a little.

nsa relationship rules

No Strings Attached Relationship Rules

No Strings Attached relationships are all about having no strings fun.

You don’t have to worry about who they’re with when away from you.

It’s about living in the moment.

Your goal is to fulfill your personal needs without further expectation.

It’s liberating for many people.

It fits the lifestyle of most busy, successful people today.

That said, there are some basic NSA rules.

Anyone participating in this type of relationship should follow these guidelines.

They make it possible to maintain the relationship long term.

They also protect each person from drama and hurt feelings.

Bottom line?

If you don’t think that you can follow these rules with a certain person, then a no-strings relationship may not work.

It doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t work with a different person.

Here are some of the most common no strings attached rules:

There are no deep feelings or intense emotions involved in a no strings attached relationship.

These relationships only work because you aren’t in love with your partner.

You aren’t trying to trick your partner into marriage.

You aren’t screwing someone new to get revenge on the ex.

It’s all about fun.

It’s about fulfilling basic primal needs for one another.

Here’s the deal!

There is no place for emotion.

If someone starts to develop feelings, it’s time to call it quits on the no-strings arrangement.

Protection is essential.

Women in NSA relationships should act responsibly.

That includes taking some form of birth control.

Couples should use condoms, spermicide foam and other forms of protection.

You don’t know if your partner is sleeping with other people.

You definitely don’t want to get pregnant.

no strings attached relationships are simply about sex and good times.

You don’t want to meet your partner’s family.

You don’t depend on one another to get through daily life.

You probably won’t spend every holiday together.

Why is this important?

The more you move toward a traditional relationship, the more likely someone is to develop deeper feelings.

Those feelings threaten the arrangement.

Discretion is a given.

If you run into your NSA partner in public, they may not want you to embrace them in a warm hug.

Perhaps sloppy kisses are reserved for private.

You may see your partner with another woman or man.

It’s not your place to reveal what you do together in private.

It’s also important to watch what you post on social media.

You don’t want to cause problems for your NSA partner in other relationships.

If these rules make you think that the no-strings lifestyle is all about secrecy, you’re right.

These relationships are designed to meet the needs of two or more people.

They can’t survive if exposed to the world.

Either you can handle pleasuring one another on the down-low, or you aren’t cut out for an NSA relationship.

NSA Attached Meanings and Risks

No Strings Attached Meanings and Risks

We covered the basic meaning of No Strings Attached at the beginning of this conversation.

It’s important to explore what happens at the core of a no-strings relationship.

You should understand what you put at risk when you agree to this type of arrangement.

No-strings agreements come down to raw sex and physical pleasure.

You may feel liberated to push the boundaries and try new things between the sheets.

You may do things that you wouldn’t want the world to know about.

That is why discretion is so critical.

It’s important that you know your partner well.

You should trust them to stick to the NSA rules covered above.

We’ve discussed the deeper meaning of a no strings attached relationship.

Now let’s take a quick look at the risks of assuming this type of arrangement.

Some people do develop feelings for their no-strings partner.

In many cases, those feelings aren’t reciprocated. If this happens to you, then there’s a chance you’ll get your heartbroken.

Your partner may promptly end the relationship.

Don’t approach NSA Relationships thinking that your partner will fall in love with you.

A broken heart is usually the result of those deceptive practices.

Remember, your partner has complete freedom to sleep with other people.

This is Important!

You have to protect yourself from potential STDs.

You can choose your partner wisely.

That doesn’t guarantee that your partner is just as careful when hooking up elsewhere.

It’s not uncommon for some people to start this type of relationship with confidence only to start feeling undervalued, dirty or used.

It’s important to analyze your personal beliefs and past experiences regarding sex and relationships.

Connecting physically without emotions is difficult for many people.

You don’t want to get into a situation that is unhealthy for your mind.

No strings attached arrangements aren’t accepted by many people.

You may want to keep it your little secret.

This is often more difficult than you may assume.

Think about what it will take to keep this secret from your loved ones.

What might they think, say or do if they somehow find out about your lifestyle?

At this point, the basic no strings attached meanings are likely clear.

You have a good idea of what’s at risk.

If you still think that going no-strings-attached is in your best interest, let’s talk about some of the leading no strings attached websites.

These sites allow you to establish no-strings agreements quickly and easily.

No Strings Attached Websites

Where do you go to escape the critical eye of traditional daters?

Where can you find people who share your interest in the no strings attached lifestyle?

You may find that more people are interested in casual sex than you realize.

Get started by meeting others through these 2 no strings attached websites:


    This site connects adults who want to hook up or get physical with no further expectations.

    It’s one of the more trustworthy NSA websites.


    This was one of the first NSA sites to penetrate the dating world.

    It remains one of the more popular options for nontraditional arrangements.

    It was originally marketed as a connection for married men and potential mistresses.

    There are now many users simply searching for sex with no strings.

    If you don’t mind the affair approach, then you may find what you’re looking for here.

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