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nsa meaning

what does nsa mean

What Does NSA Mean?

In short, NSA stands for “no strings attached”. In a relationship, it means that neither party has any obligations to the other.

Example: someone looking for something NSA may be looking for a one night stand; or, they may decide to give a particularly pleasing partner a return engagement.

The main point is that neither party has any expectations of the other.

Sites around the web have thrown in their specific definitions of NSA.

That’s not all…

Urban Dictionary states that No Strings Attached means let’s have some fun without creating any obligations beyond the moment. We do what we do tonight and don’t ever have to see each other again.

origin of the phrase NSA

Let’s look into the origin of the phrase NSA

Wiktionary gives their own spin, complete with possible origins for the phrase: Definition: no strings attached; characterized by an absence of conditions or obligations.

The site says that, according to one source, the phrase goes back to the weaving industry.

Fabric that had loose strings was flawed and could easily be unwoven.

Therefore, quality clothing that could not be pulled apart had “no strings attached.”

Wiktionary goes on to say that, in ancient times, letters and documents written on parchment were sealed using strings that were attached to them.

Someone who wasn’t entirely comfortable with a deal could hold onto the string and pull it back at the last moment.

In one example, a man who was granting his wife a divorce might hold onto the string so he didn’t have to let her go.

Under ancient Jewish law, this wouldn’t be a valid divorce, since there were strings attached.

While each definition has its compelling points, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

The logic in each of these explanations is, well, hanging on by a thread. Still, it’s fun to think about.

nsa relationship

NSA Relationship

When you get into dating apps, you find that you need a whole new vocabulary.

While this can be a little confusing sometimes, it’s also a way more efficient way to help make sure that you get what you want.

For instance, what if you are just looking for something that is as casual as casual could be?

You just want to get together, have your fun, then part without any specific expectations.

Then, you are in luck: people are able to specify that in their dating profiles with the handy initialism “NSA.”

As with any relationship, there are definite advantages to taking the NSA route.

8 Advantages to an NSA Relationship

Here are 8 Advantages of an NSA Relationship

  1. Neither party has any obligations to the other.
  2. If you are really busy with school, work or travel, an NSA relationship can mean getting sex and companionship without having to deal with the time commitment of traditional romance.
  3. With NSA, it takes less time to get from a first hello to getting naked together.
  4. If endless coffee dates bore you, skipping over all that would definitely be a plus.
  5. NSA relationships are compartmentalized.
  6. You don’t have to engage in the same sort of emotional vulnerability that is part and parcel of traditional romance.
  7. You can be as forthcoming or private as you like.
  8. And, finally, NSA dating allows for a lot more variety in your life.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on an NSA relationship, leaving you free to try out other ones at your leisure.

What Are the Drawbacks of NSA Relationships

What Are the Drawbacks of NSA Relationships?

Anything that has upsides, also has downsides, too.

While NSA relationships can offer a lot of excitement and variety, they can also have their drawbacks.

Let’s look at the drawbacks.

If you find yourself becoming emotionally attached to an NSA partner, there is a better than average chance that you are going to get hurt.

Not everyone’s feelings change at the same place and time, so your chances of unrequited love are on the low side.

NSA dating is supposed to be drama free, but that doesn’t mean stress-free.

Meeting new people all the time and forming a quick connection can be emotionally exhausting.

You may find that you want the comfort of an ongoing arrangement more.

NSA dating can mean sexual dry-spells.

We aren’t all “on” all the time, and you may get turned down a lot before finding someone looking for the same thing you are.

It can also mean a social calendar that’s too busy.

There’s a reason that they refer to dating multiple people as juggling relationships.

It can take some coordination to make it work.

nsa relationship rules

NSA Relationship Rules

Just because an arrangement implies no obligations, that doesn’t mean there are no obligations.

The rules of common decency still, of course, apply.

And, there are rules implied as far as what you can ask of the person you are in an NSA relationship with.

While every agreement should be made individually, a few ground rules that can be adapted to the circumstances are good to have.

8 NSA Relationship Rules and Tips

8 NSA Relationship Rules and Tips to start:

  1. No one gets to act jealous or controlling. The point of NSA is that there are no strings. While jealousy is sometimes an outgrowth of an ongoing relationship, you don’t get to act on it. If you start seeing green, keep it to yourself.
  2. No trying to control who else your NSA partner in crime sees. NSA relationships may sometimes become monogamous by default. After all, who has time to constantly be pursuing multiple relationships? But, the assumption should be that you are each free to see whoever you want.
  3. Be honest and upfront about disease and protection. If you are having condom-free sex somewhere else, your NSA partner needs to know that. This is for your protection, your NSA partner’s protection, and your other lovers’ protection. While nothing is risk-free, we all reduce our risk when we know what we are getting into.
  4. You still have an obligation to be good in bed. If you think that it’s okay not to please your partner, you are best paying for sex by the hour instead. Basic decency means that, if you are going to fuck someone, you need to be worth fucking. Be a considerate and conscientious lover and take the time to make sure that the person sharing the sheets with you has as much fun as you do.
  5. You can go from NSA to FWB or a full-on relationship if you want to. There’s no contract or law that says an NSA arrangement needs to stay NSA. If you two find that you dig each other in a more romantic way than you originally thought, there is no problem with that.
  6. But, no one gets to change the terms unilaterally. It’s not just a rule-breaker to suddenly decide that your NSA partner is your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s downright crazy and weird.
  7. Respect the arrangements that you made. Partner wants things discreet? Don’t go SnapChatting selfies with them in the background. You’ve agreed only to contact each other on certain numbers or at certain times of day? It’s a dick move to go outside that in an attempt to get “caught” and push a change in the relationship. If you feel that things aren’t going the way you want, you don’t get to manipulate people to change it. That won’t work anyway. Instead, if you don’t like an arrangement, you break it off and find one that you do like.
  8. Remember that this is supposed to be fun. You can ask for the type of sex you’d enjoy more. You can tell someone that you aren’t feeling it tonight and you’d rather stay home and binge watch Claws. No strings mean no strings. You don’t have to be a people pleaser outside of basic good/giving/game requirements. You can please yourself.

nsa sugar daddy

NSA Sugar Daddy

Do Sugar Daddies Want or Expect NSA Relationships?

It all depends on the individual sugardaddy.

Some like sugar dating because they feel that it removes all romantic attachments and obligations from a relationship.

Others pursue it because it allows them to spend time with young and beautiful women who may not otherwise look at someone in their age group.

If you aren’t sure what a sugar daddy wants from you, there’s only one thing to do: use your words. Ask what he is looking for.

One of the advantages of sugar dating is transparency.

Because it’s an arrangement, the details can be openly discussed and negotiated.

nsa sugar baby

NSA Sugar Baby

Do Sugar Babies Prefer Relationships to be NSA?

Just like some sugar daddies want NSA and some don’t, the same goes for sugar babies.

However, most sugar babies know that the guys they are seeing have obligations somewhere else.

It is not uncommon, for instance, for a sugar daddy to be married.

If you are getting into sugar dating with the idea that you’ll seamlessly go from side piece to trophy wife, disabuse yourself of the notion.

One of the things that sugar daddies want in exchange for generous allowances is freedom from drama and strings.

fwb meaning

FWB Meaning

FWB means friends with benefits.

Doesn’t FWB make NSA redundant?

The answer is, yes and no.

While an NSA arrangement can be friendly and an FWB one typically means romantic expectations, this Venn diagram is not a circle.

People who are looking for NSA sex may be looking for something that is as close to anonymous as possible.

They may limit themselves to one-off arrangements in order to keep the possibility of complications at an absolute minimum.

While an FWB relationship may put only a few obligations on each party, there are a few that are inherent in the arrangement.

To be friends implies that there is at least some ongoing relationship, just not a romantic one.

So, there are at least a few strings, just not ones that tie and bind.

summing it up

Summing It Up

So, are NSA relationships good or bad?

The answer, of course, is that it depends on what you are looking for.

If NSA dating fits what you want and you can find people who are open to the same things, go for it.

Life is too short to live by other people’s rules.

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