Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting

Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting


Attracted to the sugaring lifestyle, but not sure about real meets?

More and more sugar babies are skipping real meets and going for an online sugar daddy.

This is a position that is more common than you might think.

Some girls live in small towns where there isn’t a big enough population of prospective sugar daddies.

Others want to avoid any risk of being seen out and about with an older man who is paying for their company.

Still, others either don’t have the time to manage an in-person sugaring relationship.

Or, they just want to avoid meeting face to face.

But, just because you can’t sugar in real life, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action.

What is an online Sugar Daddy No Meeting

What is an online Sugar Daddy No Meeting?

An online sugar daddy no meeting refers to a sugar daddy that you have an online relationship with and do not have to meet in person. The relationship is strictly online.

Is it possible?

The short answer is: YES! You can absolutely be an online sugar baby and never meet a single sugar daddy in person.

The longer answer is: yes, but it will take a special mix of strategy and skill.

Online sugar babies don’t just collect Venmo deposits without lifting a finger.

Instead, they deploy a number of methods to keep an online sugar daddy just as happy as one they would spend time with him.

An online sugar dating relationship is, in many ways, like any other long-distance relationship.

You are still interacting, but it’s all done either over the phone or online.

You sustain the relationship with regular video chats, naughty picture sets, phone call hangouts, and thoughtful gifts.

How to Get a Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting to Give You Money

How to Get an Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting to Give You Money?

The second you hang out your shingle as an online sugar baby, you’ll see that it’s easy to attract potentials.

There will be tons of guys every day who want to talk about how they would spoil you.

The real trick is getting them to open up their wallets to follow through.

Here are 2 simple steps to get an online sugar daddy to give you money without meeting.

Step 1, start by picking out some great clothes.

A combination of sexy dresses, bathing suits, and lingerie is good.

Buy the best quality you can afford.

Makeup and hair also need to be on point.

An online sugar baby has to maintain a very high-end look.

Start by taking a few good sets of photos for your platform of choice.

Use good lighting and backgrounds.

Step 2, start communicating.

How this step will go depends on the platform that you use for online sugar dating.

If you are a cam model, for instance, you will set up your room and sign on.

Be sure to be friendly but not too accommodating.

You want to seem somewhat haughty and unattainable.

This makes prospective sugar daddies want to win you.

Focus your attention on the guys who have and are spending money.

On many cam sites, these guys will be noted with a different color in chat.

On a sugar dating site, you’ll just have to use your instincts.

Exchange a few messages, but, pull back if he hasn’t sent a small token of his appreciation before too long.

You don’t want to waste time with salt daddies.

When guys give you money, give them a reward.

Small amounts can be acknowledged with a thank you and a sexy picture.

For bigger ones, videos or other perks can be a better bet.

Get them into a place where you can chat about an ongoing arrangement.

Online sugar daddies are often willing to pay an allowance in exchange for regular Skype chats, texting, photos, and other goodies.

Online Sugar Daddy

Online Sugar Daddy

This is a guy who is happy to show off his might by paying a hefty allowance and showering his online playmate with gifts.

The attitude and actions detailed below will help in attracting and keeping a online sugar daddy.

If you are attracting online sugar daddies through cam sites, they will often get off on publicly giving huge tips.

Be sure to thank him sincerely and enthusiastically.

The sorts of guys who tip big on cam sites love that sort of attention.

Try to get to the point of exchanging outside contact information as early as possible.

The online sugar daddy is worth the extra attention after he’s shown that he is willing to spend.

Make sure that you always project the sort of high quality that he is looking for.

This guy wants a prize.

He has an alpha male ego and loves the feeling of conquest.

Use other sugar dating tips like developing broad interests to keep his attention.

If he’s gotten far enough in life to be a millionaire, he is probably cultured and well-rounded, as well.

How To Find An Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting

How To Find An Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting?

Sugaring isn’t a “job” per se.

It’s more of a freelance business.

That said, there are tons of places where people gather online where you can find an online sugar daddy no meeting.

It can take some time to weed through the guys on any one platform.

But, by developing a savvy eye, you can differentiate between the time-wasters, the guys who are looking for something else, and the ones that will provide the sugar baby lifestyle you want.

So, without further ado, let’s turn to 3 simple ways to find a sugar daddy no meeting fast!

1. Sugar Dating on Cam Sites

One of the best places to find online sugar daddies is on cam sites.

Chaturbate is one of the most popular ones at the time of this writing.

It’s also one of the best for ladies who are looking to develop an online rapport with a generous gent.

Those in the sugaring lifestyle say that the non-explicit channel is the one that delivers the best return on your time investment.

This is because a non-nude model is inherently less accessible.

As a sugar baby, you want to be the unattainable prize that no one can have.

Two good options of cam sites for sugar babies include and

No matter which site you sign up with, make sure you take a deep dive into the TOS.

Some sites forbid sharing outside contact information. Stay completely clear of those.

A cam site that makes you stay on-site will never work for sugar dating.

You need to be able to take your communication one on one in order to negotiate the ongoing support that makes sugar dating worthwhile.

2. Sugar Dating through Social Media

Many aspiring sugar babies are surprised to discover that they can hook up with sugar daddies on social media platforms like Instagram and SnapChat.

While neither of these networks technically allow arrangements like sugar dating, there are plenty of workarounds.

One good one is through promotional sites like Fancentro, OnlyFans, and JustForFans.

These sites provide a directory of premium SnapChat accounts and a way for guys to pay for access.

Since the ones you add have already paid to see your private accounts, you know they are qualified buyers.

Among them, you may find someone who is looking to take it further and add some sugar dating to the mix.

3. Sugar Dating Websites

The final option for finding online sugar daddies is also the most obvious: traditional sugar dating websites.

This has several pros and cons.

Sugar babies looking for online only will need to go through a lot of potential sugar daddies to find the one they want.

The majority of guys on the site are looking for in-person sugar babies they can meet.

But, with enough missed connections, you can finally find the ones that fit your needs.

Online sugaring has some unique challenges.

But, they are matched by the lifestyle’s unique rewards. Think it could be for you?

Make some profiles and do some experimenting.

Maybe you’ll find that high-quality virtual relationship that comes with all the things you want.

The best sugar dating site to find a sugar daddy no meeting is

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