Sugar Baby Meaning

Sugar Baby Meaning


What does sugar baby mean

What does sugar baby mean?

(plural sugar babies)

“Sugar Baby” means that a person is open to exchanging companionship for financial gain.

What does being a sugar baby entail

What does being a sugar baby entail?

Being a sugar baby entails 3 things:

  1. Negotiating the terms of an arrangement to satisfy both you and your sugar daddy’s needs.
  2. Companionship that may or may not involve sex.
  3. Long-term financial accommodation rather than fast cash.

Defining the Modern Sugar Baby

Defining the Modern Sugar Baby

The sugar baby concept started with young, attractive women willing to spend time with much older men in exchange for money and gifts.

The modern definition of a sugar baby is more complex.

Browsing through the members of a sugar daddy website will introduce you to a diverse collection Continue Reading

Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting

Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting


Attracted to the sugaring lifestyle, but not sure about real meets?

More and more sugar babies are skipping real meets and going for an online sugar daddy.

This is a position that is more common than you might think.

Some girls live in small towns where there isn’t a big enough population of prospective sugar daddies.

Others want to avoid any risk of being seen out and about with an older man who is paying for their company.

Still, others either don’t Continue Reading

I Want A Sugar Daddy

I Want A Sugar Daddy

finding a sugar daddy

Your approach to finding a sugar daddy will depend on your motivations for entering the sugar lifestyle.

Start exploring your motivations by completing the following sentence:

I want a sugar daddy who…

  • Enjoy spending time with me.
  • Makes me feel worthwhile.
  • Serve as my travel companion.
  • Can help me get through college without debt.
  • Is willing to spoil me.
  • Doesn’t play games.
  • Isn’t interested in petty drama.
  • Has his life together.
  • Is successful in his own way.

Each of these motivations will lead you to a different type of sugar daddy.

Let’s look in-depth at 6 types of sugar daddies that you may want.

This will help you find a sugar daddy of your dreams.

Companion Only Sugar Daddy

1. Companion Only Sugar Daddy

A companion enjoys spending time with you.

He makes Continue Reading