Secret Arrangements

Secret Arrangements


  1. What are secret arrangements
  2. Who looks for secret arrangements
  3. How do you set secret arrangements
  4. 3 Best websites to find secret arrangements

The concepts of secret arrangements are growing in popularity.

It’s different. It’s slightly on the wild side.

It’s like having a dirty little secret.

If that excites you, start by learning how secret arrangements work.

How do you find the right secret partner?

What does it take to maintain this type of relationship?

what is a secret arrangement

Keep reading for 4 simple answers to your secret arrangement questions:

1. What are secret arrangements?

Secret Arrangements are defined as relationships between two adults that no one else knows about.

A secret is something that is kept hidden or unexplained.

A relationship conducted in secrecy is, therefore, kept hidden or unexplained.

You don’t tell your friends about it.

You don’t discuss it with colleagues.

You also escape questions, complaints, and gossip from other people.

Couples may decide to keep their relationship private for many reasons.

Sex isn’t always involved.

For example, a woman may decide to secretly remain friends with her ex-boyfriend’s brother or best friend.

Secrecy works well for anyone trying to eliminate drama in their lives.

It’s also appealing to those who choose not to explain their non-traditional lifestyle to others.

Who Looks for Secret Arrangements

2. Who Looks for Secret Arrangements?

There are 4 types of people that look for secret arrangements, they are:

1. Privacy Seekers

Some people don’t like others knowing the details of their lives.

Celebrities often embrace secrecy to protect their relationships from the media.

Parents may choose secrecy to separate their love lives from their children.

Successful business persons may need privacy so that pleasure doesn’t interfere with their image.

2. Married People

Secret affairs are more common than you may think.

They can start with or without intention.

They provide personal fulfillment that a person isn’t receiving from their spouse.

3. Controversial Relationships

Relationships outside of the “norm” may begin in secrecy.

This includes same-sex couples and sugar relationships.

Open relationships are often conducted in private as well.

The secret ends only when everyone involved is comfortable going public.

4. No-Strings Relationships

This is the relationship that involves intimacy without emotional ties.

These are the scenarios that most people associate with “secret arrangements.”

The less you involve one another in your daily life, the easier it is to avoid deep feelings and conflict.

With the right circumstances, anyone can enjoy a secret arrangement.

Some people search for these connections. Others stumble into them naturally.

How Do You Set Up a Secret Arrangement

3. How Do You Set Up Secret Arrangements?

You set up a secret arrangement by simply finding another person interested in a secret relationship.

This can happen naturally as you meet new people in daily life.

When that fails, turn to secret arrangement websites.

Clearly communicate the terms of your ideal arrangement.

Open communication is essential when a new relationship develops.

It ensures that everyone involved knows what to expect.

Get to know your secret connection a bit more.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the person before agreeing to a first meeting.

Hold that meeting in a public place. Safety is critical.

Negotiate the terms of the arrangement.

Determine how you will keep the relationship secret.

Identify common interests to see what you will do together.

Understand one another’s boundaries. Decide when you will meet up.

Stick to the agreed-upon terms of the arrangement.

This continues until the relationship ends or you agree to go public.

Renegotiate terms as needed.

This keeps long-term secret arrangements mutually beneficial.

What Websites Can Help You Find Secret Arrangements

4. 3 Best Websites to Find Secret Arrangements.

Start by identifying dating sites dedicated to secrecy.

Here are 3 of the best websites to find secret arrangements.


This is one of the better-known secret arrangement sites.

One of the ways distinguishes itself is by allowing people to search based on what sorts of arrangements they are looking for.

This makes it easy for people to lay out what sorts of terms they are interested in before they ever make an arrangement to meet in person to test their chemistry.

Seeking Arrangement, by the way, is not just for sugar daddies looking for female company.

It also allows both sugar mommas and male sugar baby candidates.

As with most sugar daddy websites, sugar babies join for free, but sugar daddies and mommas must pay to use the site.

If you’re a college student be sure to taking advantage of a free collegiate sugar baby account.


This site is based on the premise that life is too short not to have an extramarital affair.

It’s obviously loaded with married people.

You will also find many single people using the site.

Some single users want to date married people. Others are interested in polyamorous relationships. was one of the first adult dating websites created.

It’s now a hangout for people with diverse interests.

It’s based entirely on discreet interactions.

That makes it perfect for those seeking secret arrangements.

You can’t connect your Ashley Madison account to social media platforms.

You can mark certain photos private.

Blurring and masking features are also available for photos.

The Traveling Man/Woman feature allows you to find potential connections in various cities.

This works well if you need company while traveling.

Take advantage of the seven-day free trial.

A subscription will cost anywhere from $59 per month to well over $200 per month.

The more expensive option is the Affair Guarantee Package.


This site is marketed as a “sex and swinger community.”

You can assume that members join with the intention of finding sexual partners.

You can also assume that many want to keep those partners secret.

It’s still important to clearly discuss secrecy before meeting with other members.

Negotiate the terms of your secret arrangement taking it into real life.

This secret arrangement website offers a variety of communication features.

In addition to profiles and pictures, members can write detailed blog posts.

Webcams allow members to see one another before meeting up.

Many members use the webcam sessions for cybersex.

That’s just another type of secret arrangement to consider.

Free accounts are available at

Monthly subscriptions start around $20.

This is one of your more affordable options.

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