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Seeking Arrangement


Seeking Arrangement Website

Seeking Arrangement Website

Name a sugar daddy website. Chances are, Seeking Arrangement – “” — is the first site that comes to mind.

This site was the one that introduced the mainstream to sugar dating.

Today, it remains one of the largest and most influential.

Thinking of signing up?

Here’s what you need to know:

What is Seeking Arrangement

What is Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement is the world’s largest sugar daddy site, with a reported 10 million active members. The site is a place where wealthy men and attractive women meet and establish sugar relationships.

How Does Seeking Arrangement Work

How Does Seeking Arrangement Work?

3 simple steps on how Seeking Arrangement works.

1. JOIN.

Meet millions of members by joining seeking’s site in as little as 5 minutes.

Sugar babies can sign-up for free standard accounts.

College students can enter their school email address for a free Premium account.

You must upload a profile picture and completely fill out your application for free access to the platform.

It can take up to 48 hours for the site to approve free sugar baby accounts.

Upgrades are available if you want to take full advantage of all Seeking Arrangement features.

You may choose to have your account verified, which is a good idea for all sugar daddies and mommas.

While this is an added step that will take a bit more time, it gives the sugar babies greater confidence in your ability to uphold your end of the sa arrangement.

Serious sugar babies may get verified as well.

2. Define.

Add a photo, define your terms, and explain your sugar arrangement expectations.

This is similar to filling out your dating profile on other dating sites, but your goal is to clearly state what you’re looking for in a sugar relationship.

Don’t use cute clichés or try to say things that you think other members want to hear.

It’s important to honestly state what you expect from an arrangement so that you can connect with other members with compatible expectations.

3. Arrange.

Seeking Arrangement states that the average member finds their ideal arrangement in 5 days.

You can add a profile to your favorites list, talk to other members through private messaging, and share pictures in private.

There are even some exclusive parties that require private invitations.

The more you interact with other members, the more likely you are to find a sugar arrangement that is mutually beneficial.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy on Seeking Arrangement

How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Seeking Arrangement

The best way to find a sugar daddy on Seeking Arrangement is to simply start reaching out to sugar daddies that are on the site.

Spend a bit of time getting to know each other to see if you are compatible.

But, don’t sabotage yourself by sending nudes or anything of that sort.

Guys are going to see straight through that and decide that you don’t have the sort of scratch that could make you a sugar daddy catch.

Instead, arrange to meet in person and see if you click.

Talk about the arrangement and what each of you expects in return.

Eventually, you’ll find a sugar daddy or baby with compatible needs and be ready to start a sugar relationship with rewards for you both.

Here are some 5 suggestions straight from the Seeking Arrangement Beginner’s Guide to Sugar:

  1. Keep your profile short while stating your expectations clearly. Many members are busy professionals who don’t have time to read long profiles. They can learn more about you through direct communication if you explore an arrangement.
  2. Take the time to talk to as many members as possible. It does take some time to look through profiles, and you may feel awkward messaging someone new for the first time. This is similar to dating in the real world, except you can peek into a profile and see exactly what the men and women on Seeking Arrangement expect.
  3. Negotiate openly and make sure that you aren’t demanding something that is too difficult to deliver. You want to get what you deserve, but keep in mind that the relationship must benefit everyone involved.
  4. Don’t assume that sex is a part of the arrangement. Most sugar babies won’t have sex the first time they meet a new sugar daddy or momma. Intimacy is something that comes from building a relationship over time, but each couple gets to decide at what point that level of intimacy develops.
  5. Make sure that your profile pictures give an accurate representation of what you look like today.

Clear pictures from multiple angles are great, but nudes are generally frowned upon.

These points give you a quick introduction to how Seeking Arrangement works.

While it is similar to other dating sites in a functional manner, it is quite different in the honest and direct communication that members share.

Think of it as a dating site that cuts right to the chase.

The more honest and real you are, the more likely you are to find an sd/sb relationship that fits your expectations.

Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement Review

Review taken from on 05/02/2020

1791 Reviews: 4.5 / 5.0

Seeking Arrangement is consistently among the highest rated sugar daddy websites.

The huge number of sugar babies on the site make it a win for sugar daddies: sugar babies are outnumbered by sugar babies about five to one.

The easy navigation also makes it a good resource.

Among the cons, many people worry about whether the fees for Premium memberships are worth it.

However, if you are working the site well, you probably won’t spend a lot of time looking before finding the right mutually beneficial relationship for you.

Seeking Arrangement App

Seeking Arrangement App

Seeking Arrangement Apple App

Seeking Arrangement Apple App

Seeking Arrangement iPhone app was the best sugar daddy apps on the market, but it has been removed from App Store

The iPhone app for Seeking Arrangement was very popular.

However, after FOSTA/SESTA became law, the tech giant decided to remove the app permanently from their store.

According to Seeking Arrangement founder Brandon Wade, the company did not wish to court the potential legal liability.

Wade said, “Apple made it clear that any site catering to the niche of rich/millionaire dating would not be allowed on the AppStore.”

iPhone users can still access the mobile version of the website from their browsers.

There are also unconfirmed rumors that people who already have the app installed can continue to use it as before.

seeking arrangement android app

Seeking Arrangement Android App

Android App

At least at the time of this writing, Android users have one advantage over those on iPhone: they can still install Seeking on their phones.

According to the app description, the Seeking app has been installed at least 20 million times.

User Rating: 3.8/5.0 – rating on 5/1/2020

Seeking Arrangement Social Media

Seeking Arrangement Twitter

Seeking Arrangement Twitter

Seeking Arrangement on Twitter

Seeking Arrangement is very active on Twitter.

This is a good place to find out about some Seeking Arrangement parties and social gatherings.

It is a good place to score tickets to parties in your area.

They also post a lot of pictures that reflect the sugar lifestyle of wealthy sugar daddies and mommas.

A great place to look for inspiration or just to dream if you aren’t there yet emotionally.

Twitter stats as of: 5/1/2020

Followers: 15.2K

Following: 435

Tweets: 6,002

Seeking Arrangement FaceBook

Seeking Arrangement FaceBook

Seeking Arrangement on Facebook

This is a good place to keep track of activities by Seeking Arrangement.

Site moderators post notifications of their upcoming parties and summits.

They also share links from various sources that are related to the sugar lifestyle.

This is a good page to like and support if you’re active on Facebook.

Facebook stats as of: 5/1/2020

Follows: 36,659

Likes: 35,623

Seeking Arrangement Youtube Channel

Seeking Arrangement Youtube Channel

Seeking Arrangement on YouTube

On SA’s YouTube channel you can get a sneak peek into some of their public parties and promotional events.

If you just like looking at beautiful women, their promo videos will hold your attention as well.

Youtube stats as of: 5/1/2020

Subscribers: 18,400

Sugar Baby University

Sugar Baby University

Sugar Baby University

There are now more than three million college students using Seeking Arrangement to fund their college education.

This is no surprise, considering the cost of higher education.

Students can use their student .edu email addresses to sign up for a free Premium account.

Premium users have a bunch of functions that aren’t available when you use the site for free.

Males and females can apply and are encouraged to seek arrangements that make getting an education easier to achieve.

Brandon Wade

Brandon Wade

Brandon Wade is the CEO and founder of Seeking Arrangement.

An entrepreneur who took great risks to develop a new option for online daters.

He received a lot of criticism when the website first launched.

Most came from people who believe that the sugar lifestyle is equivalent to prostitution.

Today, he’s a wealthy man, thanks in part to taking the risk.

A firm believer that adults have the right to set their own terms when arranging intimate relationships.

You can learn more about him at, where he boldly declares that “love is a concept invented by poor people.”

Seeking Arrangements Sister Company WhatsYourPrice

Seeking Arrangements Sister Company WhatsYourPrice

WhatsYourPrice – a first date is a sure thing.

It’s a dating shortcut that takes you from single to dating with one offer.

WhatsYourPrice cuts even closer to the bone than practical Seeking Arrangement.

The website allows men and women to place bids on first dates with willing people of the opposite sex.

When you sign up, you can specify whether you are male or female and whether you wish to place or receive bids.

Then, the negotiations begin.

Parties approach one another and name their price for a date.

One may offer a date for $250, and the other will counter with $200.

This goes on until each party either moves on or the pair finds a number they both agree on.

Since launching in 2010, WhatsYourPrice has set up over two million dates between those who are attractive and the generous people who want to date them.

The site is definitely slanted toward generous men and attractive women, but, if you are extraordinary and unusual on either side of the fence, this cut to the chase approach can give you the results you are looking for.

Seeking Arrangement Revenue Model

Seeking Arrangement Revenue Model

Seeking Arrangement is a multimillion-dollar business with more than 10 million users in more than 130 countries.

How do they make money?

The wealth is generated through paid membership fees and ads.

They may also sell tickets to their parties and other events that allow members to connect in the real world.

Seeking Arrangement Stories

Seeking Arrangement Stories

You don’t have to look very far to take in the controversy that surrounds the sugar lifestyle today.

While sugar babies and daddies understand that the lifestyle isn’t primarily about sex, that isn’t apparent all.

In 2014, Brandon Wade went on the Dr. Phil show to advertise Seeking Arrangement when it was a fledgling company.

The vicious attacks displayed toward him were eye-opening.

The show featured a mother/daughter sugar baby “team” that prompted lively discussion through social media for days.

In 2016, a woman went undercover to see what the Seeking Arrangement sugar baby lifestyle was like.

She came out feeling dirty and like she was heading down a “soulless” path.

Based on the fact her time with each man was based on money.

She did note that she met multiple sugar babies who were having a lot of fun and enjoying their time as babies.

One even commented that she was addicted to the sugar lifestyle.

These stories highlight the biggest debate that swirls around the sugar lifestyle today.

Some people believe that including money in a relationship that is likely to involve sex is prostitution.

Those who believe in the sugar lifestyle argue that there is no expectation of sex in a sugar relationship.

There are sugar baby stories out there that will back up either of these arguments.

There’s the Alex Page account of being pulled by the hair and raped while visiting a sugar daddy.

Alternately, you have the feminist perspective that was published on Bustle by a woman.

She was more upset about the limitations of the dating site than the nature of its business.

If you like the idea of cutting out the drama and game playing, then set up a profile on Seeking Arrangement or if you are already a member use the link provided here: Seeking Arrangement Login.

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