Splenda Daddy

Splenda Daddy

Splenda Daddies have played second to Sugar daddies but these guys are sweet too.

In this article, we will define Splenda Daddy, give Splenda Daddy examples, and define other close terms related to Splenda Daddy.

A Splenda Daddy is defined as a man who wants to be a legitimate Sugar Daddy, but lacks the disposable income to be one.

Do not get Splenda Daddies confused with Salt Daddies. Salt Daddies are scammers, they attempt to trick Sugar Babies into bed. In other words, A ‘Salt Daddy‘ is a man who fakes being rich or generous to get attractive young women to meet him, often for sex. While Splenda Daddies really want to spoil Sugar Babies. They do not have enough funds to properly spoil you.

Top 7 Examples Of A Splenda Daddy

  1. Not a millionaire but still tried his best to spoil you.
  2. Takes you to Red Lobster instead of Ruth Chris.
  3. Ensure that night clubs do not have a cover charge.
  4. Brags about mansions, but lives in a regular apartment.
  5. Brags about fancy sports cars, but drives a regular car.
  6. Take you shopping at Ross instead of a luxury shopping spree.
  7. Lives off of his credit card vs cash and investments.


Although Splenda Daddies are not legitimate sugar daddies. These guys really try hard to be one. They only lack the disposable income to do so.

Terms Related to Splenda Daddy

Sugar Daddy is defined as a man that exchanges financial support and gifts in return for companionship.

Stevia Daddy is defined as a Sugar Daddy that is in a relationship with an independent woman. Their relationship requires no exchange of financial support or gifts in return for companionship.

Glucose daddy is another name for a Sugar Daddy.

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