Sugar Baby Allowance

Sugar Baby Allowance

What is the average sugar baby allowance?

The average sugar baby allowance is $2,500 per month or $625 per week.

Sugar babies can expect these numbers to change over time.

In fact, many sugar babies do not receive thousands of dollars per month.

You may read about sugar babies bragging about their new cars, pricey condos and nonstop trips.

That is not an accurate likeness of the sugar lifestyle for most women.

figure out the real average sugar baby allowance

Here are a few reasons that make it hard to figure out the real average sugar baby allowance.

  • Many sugar couples do not openly talk about their financial arrangements.
  • Allowances are considered private by many sugar daddies and babies.
  • Many couples go years without their families and friends even knowing that they have a financial arrangement.

These factors make it hard to collect data about something that is so well hidden.

When you do hear a sugar baby bragging about how much money they get from a sugar daddy.

You have no way of knowing if they are telling the truth.

Some sugar babies want others to think that they have it much better than they really do.

This includes many of the sugar babies flashing their goods on social media.

You don’t really know the reality of their lifestyles.

Every sugar arrangement is different.

Some allowances are monthly while others are weekly.

There are endless variations for sugar baby allowances, and that makes comparing them difficult.

Most sugar babies have an allowance range.

They will not see sugar daddies unwilling or unable to give them an allowance within that range.

The best way to come up with your range is to look at your own case rather than looking at what other sugar babies are making.

determining what expenses you want your sugar baby allowance to cover

Start by determining what expenses you want your sugar baby allowance to cover.

  • Do you want all of your living expenses.
  • A percentage of your living expenses.
  • Specific expenses – college tuition, rent, car payment, etc.
  • Spending money or luxuries beyond basic living expenses.

After figuring out the above options.

Set a minimum and maximum allowance range that will meet your needs.

Remember, your range is a personal decision.

So, do not get caught up with the average sugar baby allowance hype.

Would like all of your living expenses paid by sugaring?

If so, you may need to date multiple sugar daddies in order to meet your goal.

There are not many sugar daddies with the means to fully support a sugar baby.

What do you do if you need thousands of dollars a month but struggle to find a sugar daddy that is able to pay your minimum allowance range?

You can start by setting your minimum allowance expectation to a smaller portion of your living expenses.

Over time, you may find that your sugar daddy is able to increase your allowance.

You may also find a second sugar daddy able to pick up the slack.

On the upside, some sugar babies do receive allowances much higher than that estimated $2,500 monthly allowance.

You will never know if you could become one of those successful sugar babies if you don’t get into the game and start making sugar connections.

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