Sugar Baby Definition

Sugar Baby Definition


(plural sugar babies)

A “sugar baby” is defined as a person who exchanes their companionship for financial gain.

Sugar Baby Description

Sugar Baby Description

Here is a description of a sugar baby:

A sugar baby negotiates the terms of a relationship.

They do not have sex for money.

Sugar babies are not escorts or prostitutes.

Sugar babies have ongoing companions, not sexual encounters.

All sugar babies are open to the exchange of companionship for financial gain.

They don’t give their attention away for free.

Here are sugar baby descriptive attributes:

Gender – Sugar babies are normally female, although, male and transgender sugar babies are common.

Age – Sugar babies are of all ages.

Body Shape/Size – Women of all shapes and sizes are successful sugar babies.

Sexual Orientation – Sugar babies come in all sexual orientations.

Marital Status – Most sugar babies are single but you may come across a married sugar baby.

Career & Education – Most have some college but there are many that do not. SeekingArrangement does have a collegiate program that caters to college sugar babies. Some sugar babies are even business women.

Being A Sugar Baby

Being A Sugar Baby

Being a sugar baby include one or more of the following:

Mentorship – Some sugar babies look for successful sugar daddies with the ability to mentor them in business. Many babies are willing to give up their time in exchange for insights into their professional fields.

Experiences – Sugar babies may turn to sugaring as a method of traveling the world. They want to see and do new things, and their sugar daddies make that possible.

Security – Many sugar babies can pay their bills, but they work paycheck-to-paycheck and don’t feel secure. One hospital bill or unexpectedly high electric bill will stress them out. Sugaring gives them a security net.

LoveSome sugar babies and daddies do fall in love and spend the rest of their lives together. Other babies look for financially established men who will make great future fathers.

It’s common for sugar babies to have full lives beyond the sugar lifestyle.

Although, there are also veteran sugar babies who center their lives around their sugar daddies.

They make sugaring their career, but their motivations for doing so can vary.

Online Sugar Baby
5 tips to be an online sugar baby:

1. Have a phone number just for sugaring.

Either have a separate mobile phone or a virtual number like a Google Voice phone number.

This allows you to keep your virtual and physical lives separate.

If you pick up a new phone, look specifically for one with an excellent front-facing camera.

This will help you send videos and photos that are almost like being there in the room.

2. Be aware that your photos can be screen-capped and shared.

Digital information can very easily be duplicated and disseminated.

If you have any worry at all about someone finding out that you are getting sexy on camera for men who have money, think twice before becoming an online sugar baby.

3. Get creative with social media.

There are a ton of tools out there that can help a girl keep a guy entertained online.

Create a special SnapChat account that is just for your sugar daddies.

Share stories with one another on Instagram or another platform so that he can peek into your day even when you two are not talking on the phone right then and there.

The idea is to share a persona that is fun, sexy, witty and that makes him feel special.

4. Video and photo packs can be your friend.

Not every bit of what you share needs to be made exclusively for an audience of one.

Many online sugar babies send photo packs and videos to suitors through online sites that handle billing for a share of your allowance.

Look into different sites to see which work best for you.

5. Set clear expectations when it comes to phone calls, video chat and text messaging.

Are you expected to answer the phone day or night whenever he wants to talk?

Or, are you looking for an arrangement where you exchange half a dozen or so sexy texts a day?

Some online sugar babies will sell access to their phone number and Skype chat at premiums for unfettered access.

Others set up expectations that are less all-encompassing.

The rules are just like any other sugar arrangement.

Be clear about what you are willing to do and what you expect in return.

From this, we could say that a sugar baby is a person who enjoys spending time with people of significant wealth. They rank finances high when choosing their romantic partners.

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