Sugar Baby University

Sugar Baby University


Your college years are supposed to be the most exciting of your life.

Unfortunately, financial stress can ruin the fun.

Tuition continues to soar higher and higher.

The cost of textbooks makes it even more difficult to survive.

That is why most students go into debt.

Others are stressed while trying to balance a job and school.

Food, rent, and other living expenses are still difficult to cover.

Here’s the deal:

Are you looking for a way to escape the stress?

Do you want to bring the fun back to college?

If so, it’s time to explore Sugar Baby University.

Start by learning about the sugar baby lifestyle in general.

That will give you a unique way to solve your financial problems as a college student.

This guide will deliver that information plus more.

What Is Sugar Baby University

What Is Sugar Baby University?

Sugar Baby University is a program offered by

It allows college sugar babies to sign up for a free premium membership.

The goal is to connect each registered sugar baby with a sugar daddy who can serve as her benefactor.

A sugar daddy may pay some or all of your tuition.

He may cover your living expenses.

He will free you from going into debt with student loans.

As a college sugar baby, you may never apply for loans again.

Successful babies may not even need a job while in college.

There are now more than three million college students registered in Sugar Baby University.

They receive around $2,800 per month on average from generous sugar daddies/benefactors.

Here’s what you need to know about Sugar Baby University:

Sugar Baby University is open to all college sugar babies regardless of age, gender, race or sexual orientation.

If you’re a college student with financial needs, you’re qualified.

That’s not all…

Your school email address is all you need to register for your free premium college sugar baby membership.

Your university or college is never contacted regarding your participation in Sugar Baby University.

Your GPA is never checked or questioned.

You’re not required to accept any sugar daddy arrangement.

You’re free to cancel your membership at any time.

Free is really free.

You will enjoy full access to all Seeking Arrangement features.

You will never pay for the service as long as you’re a student.

Sugar Baby University Reviews

Sugar Baby University Reviews

Most Sugar Baby University reviews are positive.

The program delivers something of value to each college student even if an arrangement is never made.

Most sugar babies pay nothing for membership on Seeking Arrangement.

They will waive that fee when you register as a college sugar baby.

Why is this important?

You will save around $240 each year just in membership fees.

You may profit even more by connecting with sugar daddies.

Read our detailed Seeking Arrangement review to learn more about the site.

We also share a few candid reviews from college students who have tried the program.

That should give you a better idea of what Seeking Arrangement is like for college sugar babies.

Check this out!

29-year-old Christina joined the site while earning her MBA.

She was sinking into debt as tuition and textbook fees accumulated.

Here are some points that she made about her experience as a college student active on

The site encourages open communication.

She clearly stated in her profile that she needed assistance paying for her education.

She never had to hide her motivation for using the site.

She did not feel like she was leading men on.

She wasn’t interested in one-night stands or casual sex.

She had no problem turning down sexual propositions.

Some men would ask for sex after taking her to dinner.

She stood her ground and refused.

She made successful arrangements with three sugar daddies.

They were all willing to write checks for her college expenses.

She didn’t have to ask for the money.

Her sugar daddies understood when she couldn’t go on trips due to school.

She never felt pressured or stressed.

Sugar Baby University was clearly a positive experience for this college sugar baby.

It empowered her.

It encouraged her to set boundaries.

She learned to stand up for herself.

She learned to stand up for herself

The best part?

She told Business Insider that she earned “at least $90,000” from her Seeking Arrangement sugar daddies.

Another woman created a college sugar baby account to test the site. She wrote her own Sugar Baby University review.

Here are some of her insights:

The men who reached out to her ranged in age from mid-20s to late-70s.

Most of the men who reached out to her openly disclose their marital status.

Most asked for her discretion.

Some men just asked for sex.

Others offered her a monthly allowance for an ongoing arrangement.

She verified that some sugar daddies will pay more than $1,000 per month just for companionship.

One man even offered to pay for the pleasure of serving as her maid.

Bottom line?

These Sugar Daddy Reviews verify that there is some value to Seeking Arrangement for college students with financial needs.

The key is to know what you’re looking for when going into the site.

Stand firm until you find a sugar daddy who fits your needs.

4 Sugar Daddy Websites

Best 4 College Sugar Baby Websites To Find A Sugar Daddy

Are you ready to find a sugar daddy to pay for your college expenses?

The next step is to identify at least one site to start looking for a sugar daddy.

listed are 4 of the best sugar baby websites.


This is the site that most college students choose.

It offers a free premium account to all Sugar Baby University members.

It’s also one of the most well-known and respected sugar daddy websites.

That reputation means a lot to college students concerned about safety.

This is a dating site designed for sugar babies and daddies exclusively.

Each profile openly reveals the salary range offered by each sugar daddy.

Men report these figures.

They aren’t always verified.

It still gives you some indication of a man’s ability to pay your college expenses.

Verified accounts give you confidence that a daddy’s stated income is accurate.

It’s fast and easy to sign up for a Seeking Arrangement account.

There are millions of active members to explore.

The downside is that there are more sugar babies than daddies.

That’s a reality for all sugar daddy websites today.

The cost of membership is one of the biggest complaints from past Seeking Arrangement members.

You get a free premium account due to your college status.


We like this sugar daddy website for college students because the signup process is fast.

There is no automatic monthly billing.

The member forum allows you to ask questions.

You can learn from more established members of the sugar lifestyle.

College students aren’t given a free account.

Pay for at least three months at a time to secure membership for less than $20 per month.

You can also use SugarDaddie without paying for a subscription.

Free accounts can’t send messages to other members.

Use your free account to search through the member database before joining.

Determine how many sugar daddies catch your interest.

That should help you decide whether this is the right sugar daddy website for you.

The downside to is that they don’t verify members.

This means that you must trust the income given by potential daddies.

You can assume that some are exaggerating.


This is one of the best sugar daddy websites for college students because they verify all photos for free.

Sugar daddies don’t have to pay to verify their identity.

That leaves no excuse for a man to refuse verification.

This makes it easy to determine who you can trust.

We also like the variety of search features offered.

You can search for daddies based on:

  • Marital status
  • Children
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Income
  • Education
  • Other lifestyle factors

Do you like browsing pictures and then swiping left or right?

They have that feature as well.

That makes it easier to find potential sugar daddies without reading profiles.

You can start out with a free membership.

That allows you to send unlimited winks.

You will need to upgrade to a gold membership to communicate with other members.

The subscription rate is $50 per month for sugar babies and daddies.

This is one of the more expensive options for college students.


We like this site for college students dipping their toes into the sugar waters.

It’s a less intense environment for college students testing out the lifestyle.

If nothing else, it will allow you to meet some nice people.

You can enjoy free dinners.

Maybe you’ll score a luxurious gift or two in the process.

This site works like an auction.

You set your price for a date.

Wealthy men can place bids.

Successful exchanges will give you a cash payment just for going out on a date.

Some men will give you extra cash or a gift as well.

You’re never required to accept a bid from any man.

You choose who you date.

You have no obligation to see a man for repeat dates.

The average first-date offer is around $125.

Some beautiful women receive even higher prices.

There’s also the chance that you will click with one of your dates.

You could end up in a longer arrangement.

That might include a monthly allowance.

Some men will even pay tuition or living expenses.

There is a stigma about college-aged sugar babies.

Think twice before sharing your lifestyle with others.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping this aspect of your life private.

You may pick and choose who knows about your love life.

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