Sugar Daddy Arrangement

Sugar Daddy Arrangement


3 most common types of sugar daddy arrangements:

No-Strings Attached Arrangements

1. No-Strings Attached Arrangements

This is a causal relationship.

It implies the sugar couple isn’t exclusive.

They meet up when it’s convenient for both parties.

What they do while away from one another doesn’t factor into the relationship.

Sugar babies may enter this type of sugar daddy arrangement if they want the freedom to see multiple sugar daddies.

They may also balance a sugar daddy and traditional boyfriends.

They may go on dates between meetings with their sugar daddy.

They’re often busy women.

They may go to school, work full-time jobs or chase other goals.

Those time limitations make the terms of a no-strings arrangement ideal.

Married sugar daddies may look for a no-strings relationship.

Others select this type of arrangement because they have a fear of commitment.

Those men want to keep it light and casual.

Many businessmen who travel frequently will look for no strings sugar arrangements as well.

They want companionship while away from home.

They may or may not tell you that they see sugar babies in other cities.

In general, there’s a good chance that a wealthy man isn’t alone when you’re not there.

That’s okay because you probably aren’t either.

List are 4 advantages of a no strings attached arrangement:

1. The focus is on having fun. Forget the drama of a traditional relationship.

2. You’re never tied to one sugar daddy.

3. There are no deep feelings involved. Breaking off the arrangement is easier.

4. The relationship can easily fit into your lifestyle. You don’t have to compromise.

List are 3 disadvantages of a no strings attached arrangement:

1. You don’t know who your sugar daddy has been with between your meetings. Make sure to practice safe sex if your arrangement becomes intimate.

2. Romantic feelings can develop even if unintended at the beginning. That complicates the relationship. It could lead to heartache. The daddy may still want to keep it casual or continue seeing other women.

3. Your sugar daddy’s availability may not always match up with your need for companionship.

Upfront or Pre-Negotiated Arrangements

2. Upfront or Pre-Negotiated Arrangements

Many sugar babies strive for this deal.

It isn’t as easy to come by as the other types of sugar daddy arrangements.

The terms will vary, but the arrangements are all discussed upfront.

This includes agreeing on an sugar daddy allowance or another payment structure.

The sugar baby should never have to ask for money beyond the initial negotiation and occasional re-negotiations.

Sugar daddies are most likely to negotiate an upfront arrangement when they’re interested in a long-term or exclusive relationship.

These sugar daddies are most likely to pay a big monthly allowance.

You should receive that allowance regardless of how often you see or talk to your daddy.

An allowance sugar daddy is willing to pay for your full attention.

He cares enough about you to make sure that your needs are consistently met.

Just don’t assume that means he’s exclusive.

That is something that you must openly negotiate upfront.

Some men want their sugar babies to remain loyal while they’re not so loyal.

These sugar arrangements are attractive to women who consider sugaring their preferred way of dating.

It’s not just a way to make money.

They’re seeking true companionship and intimacy with one wealthy man.

They aren’t afraid of committing to an exclusive relationship.

If deeper feelings develop, these relationships often become more satisfying rather than more complicated.

4 advantages to an upfront arrangement:

1. Upfront negotiation is most likely to come with exclusivity. You don’t have to worry about who your sugar daddy is with when he’s not with you.

2. The sugar baby is more financially secure. These arrangements almost always come with monthly or weekly allowances. She never has to ask for money. She doesn’t waste time wondering when the next payment is coming.

3. Pre-negotiated arrangements are long-term by nature. The relationship may cross into your daily life. For instance, your friends may think that your sugar daddy is just an ordinary boyfriend. Your sugar daddy may take you to business and social engagements. No one needs to know the nature of the relationship.

4. You don’t have to keep looking for new sugar daddies. You have greater stability.
Does it seem like there are no real disadvantages to this type of sugar arrangement?

There are some cons for some people.

For instance, a married sugar daddy isn’t likely to agree to this arrangement.

The same goes for a man uninterested in a committed relationship.

You may not want your sugar daddies to feel too much like normal boyfriends.

Some people need more distance in the arrangement.

Gift Arrangements

3. Gift Arrangements

These arrangements are typically formed by men who have some wealth but perhaps not enough to pay a monthly or weekly allowance.

Some may have the means but not the desire to pay the allowance.

Others just haven’t met a woman that they want to keep around long term.

A travel sugar daddy may take you on extraordinary vacations.

He should pay all of your travel expenses.

He may give you jewelry.

He may even buy you a new car.

He may enjoy taking you on shopping trips.

You may receive high-dollar bags and clothing delivered to your doorstep.

Your daddy is all about the gifts, but not necessarily the sugar allowance.

This is similar to the no-strings arrangement that we already discussed.

It just isn’t always guaranteed to stay casual.

Many upfront sugar arrangements start out with two people spending time together with the luxury of some generous gifts.

Over time, both parties may decide to create a more formal or exclusive arrangement.

Firmer terms and boundaries are then discussed.

Do you see your sugar daddy at random times?

Does he love to spoil you while you’re together?

You likely have a gift sugar daddy.

This is a lucrative sugar daddy to keep around even if you don’t like every gift received.

Just sell those gifts for cash.

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