Sugar Daddy Dating


sugar daddy dating

What is Sugar Daddy Dating?

Sugar Daddy Dating is a type of relationship where a sugar daddy offers monetary support and gifts to a sugar baby in exchange for companionship.

Want to cut through the complications of traditional dating and relationships?

If so, sugar daddy dating could be for you.

Sugar daddy dating can be a rewarding and eye-opening endeavor for girls who are looking for a little more than guys their age can provide.

It can be a relaxing and fun way to handle expenses while you are in school or while you’re young and just want to have fun.

There are a few things you’ll need to know before you dive into the sugar dating universe.

Read on to learn a bit about the ins and outs and what to expect from sugar daddy dating.

How To Be  A Sugar Baby

How to Be a Sugar Baby?

Here’s a simple summary of how to be a sugar baby.

Getting off on the right foot can help you ensure a safe, entertaining, lucrative and luxurious experience.

It’s important to think things out well now.

The choices you make early on can make all the differences in what sort of experience you have.

First, scout out a few sugar baby dating sites and apps.

There are a number of both generalized and specialized ones out there.

Picking two or three that fit you best is the best way to get an assortment of good suitors without overwhelming yourself.

Start brainstorming a sugar baby persona.

Having an idea of what you want to project makes it that much easier to write profiles, messages, and blogs.

Are you a mysterious art student type?

More of the innocent girl?

Have fun with this!

Next, you’ll create your profiles.

Don’t just write down anything; these words and images are a potential sugar daddy’s first impressions of you.

To get the sort of guy you want, you should polish your profile until it is as engaging as possible.

Take some excellent photos to go with your profile.

Bathroom mirror selfies aren’t going to cut it here.

Use the timer on your camera and pick a setting with really good lighting.

Once you have your profile up, you’ll start getting messages from guys who want to get to know you better.

This is where some shrewd vetting comes into play.

Search usernames and real names on sugaring forums to make sure that guys you are talking to have good reputations.

Do reverse searches on images to make sure that you aren’t being catfished.

Once you have found a guy who you connect with, it’s time for a meeting.

That first meeting should always be in public.

Why is this important?

This is for both safety and comfort.

After all, it’s going to be super awkward to be hanging out at some guy’s house if you find that your personalities clash.

Talk together to work out how your arrangement is going to work.

Some girls prefer a per-meeting payment.

Others like to get a regular allowance.

You can also work out arrangements involving shopping trips, a set number of meals out per month, and travel.

Many girls wonder whether they should limit themselves to one sugar daddy at a time or date multiple daddies.

This, of course, comes down to your comfort level.

If you don’t have a lot else taking up your time and your Google calendar game is on point, you may be able to juggle multiple relationships.

However, always make sure that the sugar daddies you are seeing are getting enough of your time to keep their attention.

Most of all, have fun with this!

While sugar dating can provide a respectable income, it should also be entertaining and mind-expanding for you.

Take the time to learn about the interests of an older and more sophisticated guy.

Explore places you’d never get to visit on your own at your age.

Take in experiences.

How to Be a Sugar Daddy

How to Be a Sugar Daddy?

Just as there’s an etiquette and technique to being a sugar baby, there are some specific requirements of the sugar daddy, as well.

Many guys who are interested in this honest and innovative sort of relationship are not sure where to start.

First off, sugar daddy dating is not just for multimillionaires.

Any man with the means to support a generous allowance can engage in a sugar baby relationship.

Most people find it easiest to find a sugar baby through one of the many sugar dating sites and apps that are around these days.

Different sites have different focuses, so you should try a couple to help you decide which one fits you the best.

Once you have a profile, start approaching ladies whose profiles appeal to you.

If you connect well online, then make a date to see how you get along in person.

During that date, you and your prospective sugar baby will probably talk about the details of the arrangement.

Some work things out so that you give her money each time you meet.

Others prefer a monthly or weekly allowance.

Whether you care about appearances or not, it’s good to at least consider it when you start dating a sugar baby.

While a lot of men in their 50s and 60s feel great with the company of a much younger, beautiful woman, you should know that you may get some negative comments and judgments.

It’s important to know how much this can affect you and your personal and professional relationships.

What goes on in a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is up to the people involved.

In general, outside of the allowance, these relationships typically look just like traditional romances.

You’ll go on dates, travel together, exchange gifts, and send texts or talk on the phone regularly.

A sugar dating relationship may have a sexual aspect, or it may be centered on time and attention.

If you don’t have the time to have a regular sugar baby who you meet up with, consider online sugar daddy dating.

This sort of arrangement has the advantage of allowing you to cast your net for sugar babies all around the world; you aren’t limited to people in your geographic area.

While you won’t be meeting up with an online sugar baby, you’ll still have the regular texts, online chats and picture exchanging that many sugar babies offer their daddies in a local arrangement.

How To Find A Sugar Daddy

How to Find a Sugar Daddy?

Once you’ve decided that you want to be a sugar baby, the next step is finding a sugar daddy who fits your wants and needs.

There are a few different ways to go about finding the right sugar daddy for you.

We’ll go over some of the conventional ones and move on to a few you wouldn’t expect.

So, without further ado, let’s turn to 4 simple ways to find a sugar daddy fast!

  1. Sugar daddy dating websites.

    Times have changed a lot!

    There were once only a couple of sites and apps dedicated to sugar dating.

    Now, you have your pick of many.

    We go over some of the best options in our sugar daddy dating app section below.

  2. Forums and subreddits.

    If a formal app doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, consider registering with some sugar dating forums.

    Reddit, for instance, has several subreddits that are dedicated to sugar dating.

    Even if you just see a series of posts from sugar babies without many responses, never fear.

    Often, a conversation between a prospective sugar daddy and baby will occur almost entirely in private chats.

  3. Conventional dating apps.

    You may have to talk to more guys before finding one amenable to a sugar dating arrangement on a regular dating app.

    But, it can put you in contact with guys who may be curious about sugar dating relationships but who have not taken the plunge and registered with a dedicated app.

    Be upfront about what you are looking for so that you and a prospective daddy don’t wind up wasting time.

  4. Cam Girl Sites.

    Cam sites have one big advantage over other options: guys who show up there are already primed to spend some money.

    If you are primarily interested in online sugar daddy arrangements, a cam site can be the perfect place.

    Take the time to build rapport with the whales who come into your chat.

    Over time, you could convert one or more of these from per minute cam customers to lucrative regular sugar daddies.

Fantasy or reality?

millionaire sugar daddy

Millionaire Sugar Daddy

When a girl starts thinking of sugaring, she often has fantasies of hooking a fabulously wealthy sugar daddy who can shower her with gifts and jet her all over the world.

The reality is that most sugar daddies aren’t rich.

And, that’s okay!

All they have to be is well-to-do and generous enough to support an allowance that fits your agreements and your needs.

That said, millionaire sugar daddies do exist and are worth courting.

Knowing how to find them and keep them happy takes a degree of ingenuity and skill.

Now, let’s turn to 5 ways to cultivate what it takes, it will absolutely be worth it.

First, if you are courting millionaire sugar daddies, you should be able to adapt your life to fit their needs.

They often have a great deal of leisure time and will want to spend it traveling with you.

More than one sugar baby with a day job has quit that job to be with her millionaire sugar daddy as long as it lasts.

Second, you should be able to connect with a gentleman who is decades older than you are.

There are some millionaires who are in their 20s or 30s; however, it is much more likely for a man to retire a millionaire than to become one before he has gray hair and wrinkles.

Third, he is likely to want to go to formal, five-star restaurants instead of casual places.

By making sure that you are able to dress for the occasions, you can make it worthwhile for him to have you on his arm while he shows you off in public at every opportunity.

Fourth, keep it discreet.

Men of this age are more likely to be married.

While some guys have a pass from their wives for extracurricular activities, far more are looking for something on the side without permission from their mates.

Set up rules for when you call him so that you never risk interrupting time with his family.

And, if you ever spend time at his house, do a sweep after to make sure you don’t leave behind any incriminating evidence.

Finally, know that these relationships, like other sugaring relationships, have a shelf life.

Many men who seek out sugar babies are looking for excitement and novelty in their lives.

Do not get so used to a four-digit weekly allowance that you wind up in trouble if it ever goes away.

Spend your pennies wisely and use some of that rich fella’s investing advice to make a permanent nest egg for yourself.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money

How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money?

The fastest way to get a sugar daddy to give you money is to ask for it!

Tell him what your expectations are for an allowance.

While there may be a little negotiation, he should be willing to present you with a nice envelope the next time you meet up.

If a guy hems and haws over when and how to pay, thank him for a lovely evening and go on your way.

The way that payments are delivered will vary from relationship to relationship.

Some like the ease and convenience of online payments.

Transferring a gift directly into your bank account definitely has its perks!

However, this can also have downsides because money sent this way leaves a digital paper trail.

Others prefer a discreet envelope filled with cash.

This should be handed to you on the appointed day each week or month without prompting.

A good sugar daddy knows what’s expected of him and takes care of his obligations without fuss or muss.

sugar daddy apps

Sugar Daddy Apps

Sugar babies and daddies have a world of possibilities right in the palms of their hands.

So, let’s look at 3 of the best sugar daddy apps.


    This is one of the oldest sugar dating apps and one of the best known.

    The navigation here is very simple to follow.

    However, with four sugar babies on the app for every sugar daddy, competition is fierce.

  2. SugarDaddyMeet

    If you already use Tinder, the interface on SugarDaddyMeet will already be familiar to you.

    This app also has social features that allow you to share stories and moments from your day.

    Use these to show who you are and why a sugar daddy should pick you.

  3. Sudy

    This sugar dating app has over three million users worldwide.

    The search features are reminiscent of OkCupid, which will allow you to seek out exactly the type of sugar daddy you prefer.

summing it up

Summing Up

When it comes to sugar dating, the best thing to do is jump in and test the waters. Log in regularly, hone your profile and talk to potential sugar daddies to get the lay of the land.

You’ll gradually create a system that works for you to help you meet just the right kind of man and form the sort of arrangement that works best for you both.

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