Sugar Daddy Meaning

sugar daddy meaning

Sugar daddy is a slang term

noun: sugar daddy

plural noun: sugar daddies

What does sugar daddy mean

What does “sugar daddy” mean?

Its meaning refers to a gentleman willing to offer monetary support and gifts in exchange for companionship.

Some people assume that this is another term for a prostitution “john.”

That’s inaccurate because there are many forms of intimacy.

Sugar daddies are often interested in more than sex.

travel sugar daddy

Here’s the deal:

Some sugar daddies spend significant amounts of money on babies they’ve never met.

If not sex, what are sugar daddies trying to find? Some just want good company.

They often take their partners—commonly referred to as “sugar babies“—on expensive vacations.

They may fly their sugar babies across the country or around the world.

They just want to spend time with someone special.

Some sugar daddies also text, video chat or call their sugar babies daily.

sugar daddy dating

A sd/sb relationship may feel a lot like traditional dating.

The difference is that sugar daddies are more generous than most traditional boyfriends.

The outdated image of a sugar daddy is an older, older wealthy man looking for younger girls.

While many older sugar daddies are available, the modern image of a sugar daddy is more diverse.

sugar daddy ages

Why does this matter?

Men are gaining wealth earlier in life.

Young men are just as interested in the sugar lifestyle as older men.

They want to avoid the games that come with many traditional dating relationships.

You will also find sugar daddies interested in older sugar babies.

There are even bisexual and gay sugar daddies if you look in the right places.

Want even more diversity?

Sugar mamas are now readily available as well.

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