Sugar Daddy Money

Sugar Daddy Money


how to ask a sugar daddy for money?

The best ways to ask your sugar daddy for money include:

Negotiate the arrangement upfront

1. Negotiate the arrangement upfront.

This is the best approach to any sugar daddy sugar baby relationship for several reasons:

  • You won’t waste time with a fake sugar daddy who isn’t serious about becoming a real sugar daddy. Talk to potential sugar daddies about your expectations. Ask questions about what they have to offer. His response will reveal if he’s a real sugar daddy, a splenda daddy or a salt daddy.
  • A serious sugar daddy will understand your expectations as discussed in advance. He will give you what you deserve plus more. He won’t make you ask. What better way to get money from a sugar daddy than to allow him to give it to you from the goodness of his heart?
  • You make sure that your expectations are in line with the sugar daddy’s relationship expectations and abilities. That’s accomplished before you spend too much time with him. What if you want more money than he can invest at the time? What if your ideas of companionship aren’t compatible? Openly discussing expectations upfront will allow you both to move if needed.

This approach will work if you haven’t met with your sugar daddy yet.

If you have a clear sd sb arrangement prior to taking that step, you shouldn’t have to ask for money.

The relationship may develop smoothly without tension over money.

Are you already involved with a sugar daddy who isn’t giving up the sugar as you expected?

There’s still hope.

Keep reading for more ways to approach this issue.

Openly discuss your financial goals and needs

2. Openly discuss your financial goals and needs.

A legitimate sugar daddy will want to help you financially.

He just needs to know what you intend to do with the money.

If you have immediate financial concerns, there is no way for him to know if you don’t tell him openly.

Of course, this approach assumes that you’ve established a relationship and feel comfortable bringing up your personal issues.

What if you haven’t discussed a weekly or monthly allowance in the past?

You may approach this by simply bringing up your financial concerns or goals at an appropriate time.

Make sure that you do that in a classy way.

It should feel like you’re simply sharing what’s happening in your life.

You’re giving him the opportunity to make an offer without whining or sounding too demanding.

Turn on your charm.

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable.

Let him know that you really could use some help right now.

What if you and this sugar daddy have discussed the possibility of an allowance in the past but he has yet to come through for you?

You may open the discussion with a playful but direct question.

For example, consider a college sugar baby expecting tuition help.

She might say something like, “My tuition is due next month.

Are you ready to start my sugar baby allowance?”

If you’re not a college student, find a natural way to bring his attention back to the previous discussion of an allowance.

Let him know that you have an immediate need for the money.

What if you openly share your financial goals or worries and he doesn’t offer to help?

There’s a good chance that your man isn’t sincere about being a sugar daddy.

Alternatively, he may not really have the money to help.

Discuss his previous sugar daddy arrangements

3. Discuss his previous sugar daddy arrangements.

This approach allows you to start with an innocent conversation that encourages your sugar daddy to speak about himself.

It naturally connects into the mutual arrangement that you want to establish with him now.

Start by asking some of these questions:

  • How many sugar babies have you had in the past?
  • What did you enjoy most about having an sd/sb relationship?
  • How often did you see and/or talk to those sugar babies?
  • What sugar baby allowance did you pay your sugar babies?

Notice that the topic of allowance comes up last in this line of questioning.

Allow him to give as much detail as he wants.

Don’t interrupt or rush the conversation.

The more he talks, the more you will know what to expect from him.

You will learn a lot about your pot sugar daddy by having this conversation.

For starters, you will know if you’re dealing with a new sugar daddy.

New daddies may not know how much of a sugar allowance is reasonable.

If he’s shy about discussing this area of your sugar arrangement, he will appreciate you leading him gently into the conversation.

If he has had previous sugar relationships, then this conversation will allow you to see what he has previously paid sugar babies.

You may also know how your relationship differs from those in his past.

You can then tell him what your preferred range is and ask for your allowance to start.

Tell him that you want to discuss the specific terms of your arrangement

4. Tell him that you want to discuss the specific terms of your arrangement.

Don’t go right to money here.

You want to talk about how often you intend to see one another.

Bring up specific activities that you want to do together.

Discuss the frequency of phone calls, text messages, and social engagements.

Enjoy dreaming about the relationship to come and bonding.

This is also an opportunity to see if your lifestyles connect easily.

Don’t make this sound like a business negotiation unless you think that approach will appeal to your sugar daddy.

Most men prefer a more natural approach with some flirting.

You want to get him excited for everything that is to come in your future together.

For instance, you may start with a simple question similar to one of these:

  • I had an amazing time tonight. How often can I expect repeat performances?
  • Where do you want to take me for our first vacation?
  • I thought about you last night and really wanted to call. How do you feel about late-night messages or conversations?
  • I would love to see you as often as possible. How many times a week or month do you want to play?

These are just openings for a deeper conversation.

An ongoing dialog will eventually give you the perfect moment to discuss your allowance.

Make sure you know the minimum allowance that you will accept before entering this conversation.

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