Sugar Daddy Scams

Sugar Daddy Scams


Avoid These 6 Sugar Daddy Scams!

1. Money-for-Nothing Scams

This is the simplest type of sugar daddy scam.

It’s the biggest trap for new sugar babies who haven’t figured out how the sugar lifestyle works.

A man will send you a message online requesting your bank account information.

He will say that he wants to send you a gift.

He will likely compliment your beauty.

He may claim that there are no strings attached.

You’re likely to never hear from this scammer again.

You may notice that your bank account is empty a short time later.

The goal is to get your banking information to take your money rather than giving you money.

You can avoid this scam by simply never giving out your personal information to a stranger.

Don’t believe that they just want to send you a gift because you’re so beautiful.

There’s always something for the man to gain.

If you don’t know what he wants, don’t give him anything personal.

2. Sexting, Nude Photos or Phone Sex Scams

In most cases, these scammers are desperate men.

They don’t really have the money to care for a sugar baby.

They will pretend to have a luxurious lifestyle.

They may express the intention of spoiling you in amazing ways.

Their true intentions go no further than a little sexy online or by phone.

It’s normal for sugar babies to communicate extensively with sugar daddies prior to the first meeting.

You shouldn’t take it to the level of sexting.

If a potential daddy pushes you toward sexting every time you talk, you’re possibly dealing with a scammer.

He just wants to get off without giving you a dime.

Do you get requests for nude photos online?

There’s a good chance that the pictures are all that those men want.

The images are likely to appear all over the internet without your permission.

He may even make money selling your pictures.

The solution is simple.

Just don’t talk dirty with an unknown man.

Consider that a perk for your established sugar daddies.

Make them prove their intentions first.

Once it’s clear that you’re not willing to go there, the scammer will disappear quickly.

3. Reimbursement Scams

Money should only go one way in a sugar relationship.

Out of the sugar baby’s pocket is always the wrong direction.

Pay attention if a sugar daddy asks you to pay for something or to send him money.

If he promises to pay you back later, don’t fall for it.

It doesn’t matter how legitimate his excuse sounds.

You’re not likely to ever get the money back.

You’ll know that this is a scam once you refuse to give the make-believe sugar daddy money or gifts.

If he’s trying to take your money, he will stop responding once he knows you’re not falling for the scam.

4. Check Deposit Scams

A potential sugar daddy asks you to deposit a large check into your bank account.

He wants you to send him a portion of the cash withdrawn from your bank.

It’s always a scam.

A legitimate sugar daddy will send you money with no strings attached.

There is never a reason for you to send part of that money back to him.

This scam involves a fake check, which your bank will eventually reject.

You deposit that check and immediately pull cash out of your bank account.

You send the cash to the scammer.

Once your bank rejects the fake check, your account is overdrawn.

You now owe the amount of the check plus bank fees.

Did you guess that the scammer has vanished with your cash by then?

You’re correct.

A more modern version of this involves depositing a check to a prepaid card.

The scammer can also access that card.

You deposit the check and are on the hook for the money once it’s discovered a fake.

The scammer withdraws the money and vanishes before you realize what’s happening.

You don’t have to give your bank account number, but it’s still a scam.

5. Sex First Scams

These are the most heartbreaking scams.

They typically impact young girls who are just entering the sugar lifestyle.

They haven’t figured out how sugaring works yet.

In this case, the men have no intention of giving the sugar baby money.

They set up an overnight meeting or a vacation.

They promise that they will pay an agreed-upon fee at the end of the meeting.

Sex is discussed in advance, but he will play it off like he needs to know what he’s getting before talking money.

The sugar baby enjoys her time with the sugar daddy only to find that he skips out at the end without giving her anything.

She will never hear from him again.

Free sex was all that he wanted.

These men treat sugar babies like escorts.

They skip out on the bill.

This isn’t how sugaring works.

If you don’t arrange meetings that involve sex for a fee, you won’t get into this situation.

Sugaring is all about establishing relationships.

It’s about companionship and shouldn’t open with sex.

6. Phishing Scams

Phishers are scammers interested in collecting your personal information.

They may want your social security number, address, bank account number, birth date or logins for social media or financial institutions.

That information is sold to identity thieves.

The thieves will try to open credit cards or buy houses and cars with your credit.

Before you even know that those accounts exist, the scammers will max them out and disappear.

There is never a valid reason that a sugar daddy will need any of that personal information.

He can send you payments securely online.

He only needs your email address.

He should never log into your social media accounts or banking apps.

It’s important to emphasize the creativity of many scammers.

He may set a date for your first meeting.

He may get you excited about spending time together in real life.

He will then offer to send you money to buy clothes or to get your hair done.

He just needs your bank account information to send you the money through direct deposit.

Some men go as far as to say that they’re going to set a sugar baby’s bank account up for direct deposit.

He supposedly wants to send a portion of his paycheck directly into her account.

That rarely happens.

It’s almost always a scam.

He just wants your bank account number.

Some scammers come up with stories that sound legit.

You now know that you can get the money through PayPal by giving only your email address.

The safest approach is to accept no money at all for the first meeting.

The first two or three meetings are more like get-to-know-you sessions.

They’re opportunities to determine if you’re compatible.

You don’t need payment upfront.

He definitely shouldn’t expect sex.

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