Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

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Sugar Daddy Definition

Sugar Daddy

A sugar daddy is defined as a man that exchanges financial support and gifts in return for companionship.

What is a sugar daddy

The urban dictionary goes into a bit more detail. It states that older men are in their “money-earning prime” while young women are in their “money-needing prime.”

So, the sugar dating match is made! Older men looking for younger women find young women looking for older men.

They are thus able to meet one another’s needs by exchanging money for companionship.

The urban dictionary also points out that not all sugar daddies are incredibly wealthy.

In fact, sugar daddy website states that most sugar daddies make six figures each year, about $227,000 according to 2018 data.

Sugar Daddy Allowance

Sugar Daddy Allowance

What’s the deal about sugar baby allowance?

According to data collected by Seeking. The most generous sugar daddies can spend close to $6,000 per month in allowance for their sugar babies.

In most cases, a sugar daddy gives an allowance in addition to giving gifts.

Check this out…

long-term sugar daddy

One long-term sugar daddy reports giving his sugar baby a monthly allowance of $4,000 in addition to spontaneous gifts delivered at random times.

He claims to have spent more than $100,000 on his sugar baby relationships in less than four years.

Other sugar daddies may pay a bit less, depending on their budget and the needs of the women that they want to attract.

Sugar Daddy Ages

Sugar Daddy Ages

There is no set age for a sugar daddy.

It’s a given that both parties in every relationship are of legal age.

They all willingly choose the sugar lifestyle.

Beyond that, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Why does this matter?

In general, sugar daddies are often in their forties or older.

Recent research reveals an average age of 44.

There is a trend that shows the average age of a sugar daddy getting lower.

That’s possibly due to the fact that many men are now becoming wealthy at a younger age.

How about young sugar daddies?

A young sugar daddy may have fewer options when selecting a baby.

Most babies prefer wise and mature sugar daddies.

These babies assume that they can get more money from older men.

Sugar Daddy Preferences

Sugar Daddy Preferences

Many daddies are seeking arrangements with sugar babies in their early- to mid-twenties.

That doesn’t mean that older sugar babies aren’t successful in the sugar lifestyle.

There are men with many different interests.

What are Sugar Daddies Looking For

What are Sugar Daddies Looking For?

In general, sugar daddies look for women who are well-groomed and well-dressed.

Some prefer women with particular features.

One may prefer blondes to brunettes.

Perhaps another looks for curvy women who are confident in their shape.

There is no designated size or shape for a successful baby.

You just need to care for your body and put some effort into your image.

initial focus on appearance

Why does this matter?

This initial focus on appearance is typical of any man searching for a girlfriend.

Sugar daddies have the luxury of being pickier due to the number of women now open to the sugar lifestyle.

Moving beyond appearances, many sugar daddies are interested in sugar babies who are college-educated and intelligent.

They want to have interesting conversations.

Some enjoy fun debates with their sugar babies.

Education is a big attraction but isn’t essential for success.

Most sugar daddies are highly intelligent and educated themselves.

That is how they earned their wealth.

This explains why college students make up a large percentage of the sugar baby population.

college students make up a large percentage of the sugar baby

Why is this important?

Students need money.

They have little time to earn it personally.

They are often within the preferred age range for many sugar daddies.

Most also have the intelligence to match wits with a successful older man.

That said, there are many successful sugar babies who aren’t college students.

Some don’t even have a college degree.

One long-term sugar daddy has revealed what he looks for in a sugar baby.

His account is in line with how many daddies think.

sugar babies share the following attributes

His past sugar babies share the following attributes:

  • They have regular lives beyond the sugar lifestyle.
  • They have careers.
  • They go to school.
  • They chase their own goals.
  • They have clear financial goals that they want to meet.
  • Perhaps one sugar baby wants to upgrade her car.
  • Another needs tuition for graduate school.
  • Yet another is a single mother who needs everyday living expenses.
  • They aren’t shy when sharing these goals with potential daddies.
  • They are thankful for everything that they receive from their sugar daddy.
  • They don’t expect gifts like a married woman might.
  • They thoroughly appreciate the effort behind every gift because it’s a welcomed surprise.
  • The best sugar babies make spending time together fun.
  • They’re real women with genuine personalities. They aren’t faking or lying about who they are just to score a rich daddy. They come across as authentic.

Many sugar daddies are interested in the sugar lifestyle because it’s convenient.

They can have sugar babies in different areas of the country or even international sugar babies.

They don’t have to devote their full attention to one woman.

They escape the pressure of a traditional monogamous relationship.

Bottom line?

daddies have other sugar babies

Unless it’s clearly discussed and agreed upon, sugar babies can assume that their daddies may also date other women.

Most assume that their daddies have other sugar babies.

Most sugar daddies want to feel like they’re the only man in a partner’s life.

It isn’t forbidden for sugar babies to have multiple sugar daddies.

Again, it comes down to honest, upfront conversations.

Each couple should determine what is expected of each party.

No two sugar relationships are exactly the same.

That flexibility is what makes the lifestyle suitable for so many people today.

Here’s something interesting:

In an online interview with Dazed, one sugar insider encouraged future sugar babies to identify what they have to offer a daddy.

We found that there is no set look or demeanor that will please all sugar daddies.

make a genuine connection

The goal is to make a genuine connection with men who fulfill your needs over the long term.

There are many different men out there.

They’re all looking for something different.

Take the time to analyze your strengths.

Determine what you have to offer a sugar daddy.

Then present yourself in unique ways.

That presentation will attract the right pot sugar daddies for you.

Sugar Daddy Marital Status

Sugar Daddy Marital Status

In the not-so-distant past, nearly half of all sugar daddies were married.

This figure is now closer to 30 percent of all sugar daddies, according to HuffPost and data collected by Seeking Arrangement.

This is likely due to changes within modern society because marriage rates are dropping by the year.

It’s now more acceptable than ever to remain single and create a romantic lifestyle that is unique to your needs, and many men are choosing the sugar lifestyle over traditional marriage.

There are still some married sugar daddies out there, so this is a topic that potential sugar daddies and babies must discuss when first considering an sugar arrangement.

Marriage in the Sugar World

Marriage in the Sugar World

Many sugar daddies enter this lifestyle because they don’t want to marry one woman.

It’s not unheard of for a sugar relationship to turn into a marriage.

Some sugar couples enjoy committed relationships without formal marriage.

Some sugar babies are actively looking for committed relationships.

These women are often open to marriage.

Others have no intention of marrying their sugar daddies.

Many sugar babies remain in the lifestyle until they fall in love with a man outside of the sugar world.

You will hear some stories of sugar couples falling madly in love and becoming exclusive.

That doesn’t happen in the majority of relationships.

ugar couples to help one another meet specific goals

What’s the real story?

It’s more common for sugar couples to help one another meet specific goals over a period of time.

They then part ways and seek relationships with others when their goals change.

That’s no different than the evolution of many dating relationships outside of the sugar lifestyle.

Past sugar couples are more likely to remain friends.

They may maintain civil relationships for life.

That’s due to the lack of emotional entanglement during the sugar relationship.

It’s easier to part ways without emotions getting in the way.

How To Find A Sugar Daddy

How To Find A Sugar Daddy?

Here are 10 simple tips to find a sugar daddy:

  1. Set your boundaries.
  2. Delete your profile from non-sugar dating services.
  3. Pay more attention to men in your daily life.
  4. Leverage your personal connections.
  5. Explore your local area.
  6. Explore personal goals and passions.
  7. Get comfortable asking assuming questions.
  8. Express what you need without whining.
  9. Keep the mystery alive.
  10. Learn to take notes.

Also, see our detailed article on how to find a sugar daddy.

Currently, Seeking has the largest database of sugar daddies.

They have created a Sugar Daddy Heat Map that shows where their registered daddies live along with some other interesting information.

That data is based on members of the service in 2016.

5 states with the most sugar daddies
Listed are the 5 states with the most sugar daddies:

  1. Nevada
  2. New York
  3. Massachusetts
  4. California
  5. Texas

In Nevada, nearly 10 of every 1,000 adult males are sugar daddies.

In Texas, the number is closer to five of every 1,000 adult males.

Don’t assume that you must live in the same state as your sugar daddy.

sugar daddies pay for travel expenses
Many sugar daddies pay for travel expenses when they want their sugar baby to visit.

Other sugar daddies travel frequently and look for sd/sb relationships in various areas of the country or world.

Still, others prefer to take trips with their babies without in-between engagements, so where you live is irrelevant.

Why Do Sugar Daddies Choose the Sugar Lifestyle

Why Do Sugar Daddies Choose the Sugar Lifestyle?

Each daddy has his own reasons for entering the lifestyle.

Here are 7 reasons sugar daddies choose the sugar lifestyle:

  • Convenience of Time – Many busy men with successful careers don’t have a lot of time to maintain personal relationships. They struggle to keep women happy in traditional long-term relationships or marriages. Their professional obligations are just too time-consuming.
    It’s less of a struggle to pay a sugar baby to be there at their convenience.
  • Fear of Commitment – Many men are hesitant to enter long-term commitments. Others are firmly against monogamous relationships. These men will find the sugar lifestyle attractive. They can enjoy the intimacy and companionship of a girlfriend without the expectation of a big proposal and engagement ring. The relationship may go on for years with no pressure to commit.
  • Realistic Viewpoints – Some sugar daddies are simply realists. They know that a relationship is an exchange of resources for mutual satisfaction. They understand that money is a motivating resource for some of the most attractive women. In a traditional relationship, each person has expectations. It’s generally unacceptable to discuss those expectations as an exchange. Sugar relationships give these realists the opportunity to openly disclose what they expect from their partner. They’re also encouraged to consider the expectations of their sugar baby. Some men feel more comfortable negotiating a relationship than maneuvering on unspoken expectations.
  • Flexible Companionship – Some sugar daddies are looking for companions. They aren’t necessarily looking for a life-long commitment. The sugar lifestyle ensures that they have company when it’s needed. These men don’t want nagging girlfriends or wives. They aren’t interested in needy women who expect constant attention.
  • Stress Relief – Some successful men see their sugar babies as luxuries. Their babies help them relax and enjoy life beyond their professional pursuits. These men can blow off steam while taking a baby on a trip. They enjoy flying away for the weekend with someone lighthearted and fun. Of course, they get to escape the stress of their lives at their own convenience. The sugar lifestyle supports their success rather than working against it. Some people go to yoga or practice meditation. Sugar daddies just have a different idea of stress management.
  • Safer Sex Options – We can’t deny that sex is the leading motivation for some sugar daddies. These men don’t feel comfortable with prostitutes. They also don’t have significant others capable of fulfilling their needs. The in-between is a dedicated sugar baby. Good sugar babies are great at fulfilling a man’s needs. They’re far less risky than a prostitute in terms of health. Sex-driven men often get far more pleasure from sugar relationships than just sex. Getting between the sheets is just their motivation in the beginning.
  • Pursuit of Intimacy – Some sugar daddies are open to long-term commitments. Many are frustrated trying to find quality women to love through standard dating methods. They open up to the sugar lifestyle just to try something new. These men are looking for real love. They’re good candidates for the sugar baby who wants to find a life partner eventually. They aren’t the right fit for a baby with no intention of settling down with a daddy.

Final Note on Age Disparities in the Sugar Lifestyle

Final Note on Age Disparities in the Sugar Lifestyle

So many people assume that sugar daddies are all older men.

They believe that sugar babies are all young women.

Neither is necessarily true in the world of sugar dating.

Men are now gaining wealth at younger ages.

So, there are more young sugar daddies on the scene.

Also, older women are now sugar babies as well.

With that said, it is harder for older sugar babies to find older sugar daddies.

Most sugar babies consider the wealth of the man beyond age when selecting a daddy.

While there is often at least a 10 year age difference, there are many other factors to consider.

Every sugar baby has to understand her own comfort zones.

She must learn to make decisions according to her own boundaries.

Some babies are comfortable dating men 20 or 30 years older.

Others prefer a sugar daddy much closer to their own age.

No matter what, there is a sugar daddy that will fit your age preferences.

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