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sugar dating meaning

Sugar Dating Meaning

Sugar dating refers to an ongoing arrangement where a well-to-do individual exchanges gifts and money for companionship from someone who is typically younger and hotter.

start sugar dating fast

5 Simple steps to start sugar dating fast.

Here are 5 simple steps to start sugar dating fast.

  1. Put some time into your profile text.

    Think about what makes you a uniquely attractive sugar baby.

  2. Invest in some killer lingerie, shoes, makeup and clothing.

    You want to show up looking like you are worth what your sugar daddy is going to spend.

  3. Take some great pictures.

    Do not rely on bathroom mirror selfies.

    Instead, take your pictures with a timer using plenty of natural light.

  4. Get good at vetting respondents.

    If someone is making big promises right away and seems to expect lots of sexy photos and texts before you ever meet, for instance, he could be wasting your time.

  5. Meet in public first and make sure that a friend knows where you are.

Sugar Dating Sites

Sugar Dating Sites

It can be hard to decide on the best sugar dating website for you.

In most cases, you’ll want to create profiles on several to cast the widest net.

Here are 4 sugar dating sites to start:

1. Seeking

Even people who know nothing about sugar dating seem to have heard of

This site is popular because of its easy navigation and advanced searching.

2. Sugar Daddy Meet

This sugar dating site has a 15+-year-old pedigree.

With 1.3 million active users and half a million daily visitors, it offers many potential matches for sugar babies and sugar daddies alike.

3. Sugar Daddie

This site charges a membership fee for all users; however, while this can seem like something from the con list, the fee can actually be beneficial.

Since few sugar babies are willing to spend money to be part of the site, you’ll find far less competition here.

4. Rich Meet Beautiful

Both male and female sugar babies are welcome on this site.

If you use the site, create a sugaring-specific Facebook profile first, as this uses Facebook credentials for your login.

Sugar Dating App

Sugar Dating App

Are you a mobile-only kind of girl? That’s okay.

These sugar dating apps were created specifically for the mobile market.

They make it easy to do all your correspondence in one place, from wherever you are:


This app started on the iTunes App Store in 2016, but was expanded to Android soon after.

It combines the left/right swiping ease of Tinder with the detailed browsing and searching you get on a site like OkCupid.

There’s even a social element that lets you share updates and moments from your life.

Income and photos can be verified for free, so you know you aren’t wasting your time.

How To Find A Sugar Daddy

7 Ways to Find a Sugar Daddy

As you get into the sugaring lifestyle, you will probably want to find ways to maximize your income without having to juggle too much.

Now, let’s turn to 7 Ways to find a sugar daddy.

  1. Creating a highly attractive persona and sticking with it is one key to success.
  2. Decide whether you are an artistic student, an innocent small-town girl or a devious and knowing socialite.
  3. Create a wardrobe to match.
  4. Playing this sort of make-believe increases the fun for both you and your play partner.
  5. Vet guys online as well as you can.
  6. Use Google Reverse Image Search, for instance, to see where else photos are being used.
  7. Search names and screen names in sugaring forums and subreddits to see if there are warnings about guys to stay away from.

Here’s the deal:

Never juggle more guys that you can comfortably attend to.

You’re in this for a free and easy lifestyle, right?

Don’t stress yourself out trying to manage multiple daddies.

Instead, raise your allowance expectations if you are looking for a better living standard.

Sugar baby Dating Rules

6 Important Sugar Baby Dating Rules

While sugar dating is highly individual, there are a few rules that should be followed to ensure that you have a great, safe experience and that you offer the best possible experience for your sugar daddy, as well.

Now, let’s turn to 6 Important sugar baby dating rules.

  1. Stick to safe sex.

    Just because someone is saying that you are their only sugar baby, there is no reason to play fast and loose with your health.

    Condoms always and get tested regularly.

  2. Keep up with grooming, fitness, and clothing.

    Part of the reason you are worth it is that you offer a top-shelf experience.

    That involves always looking your best.

  3. Stow bad moods at home.

    This isn’t a normal boyfriend.

    A sugar daddy’s generosity should be matched by a warm and generous spirit on your end.

    It’d be a bummer for him if he was anticipating a date but found you fuming about your cable service when he got there, right?

  4. Surprise your sugar daddy with creativity.

    Be fun in the bedroom.

    Read up on topics you know he is into so you always have something to discuss.

    Your role is that of an entertainer, confidant and enviable arm candy, play it to the hilt.

  5. Trust your instincts.

    If something feels unsafe, don’t do it.

  6. Be careful what you say online.

    New laws like FOSTA/SESTA can make it illegal to discuss specifics that involve sex acts for a price.

Sugar Daddy Dating Rules

5 Important Sugar Daddy Dating Rules and Tips

There are rules for the sugar daddy, too.

If you are a man looking for a sugar baby, make sure that you always stick to the rules and respect your arrangement.

And, sugar babies looking for sugar daddies: don’t keep a guy around who can’t follow the sugar daddy dating rules.

Here are 5 important sugar daddy dating rules and tips.

  1. Do not waste her time.

    It’s not cool to ask for endless photos and sexts if you have no intention of setting up a real arrangement.

    If you do not want to meet, you can still offer an allowance for an online sugar baby.

  2. Respect her limits.

    If she says no PDA, for instance, do not push that.

  3. Don’t get jealous.

    Her free time is her free time.

  4. Pay allowances on time.

    It kills the vibe if she has to remind you.

  5. Don’t try to renegotiate her allowance after the fact.

    She puts in a lot of effort to please you, and it’s worth every penny.

While rules can seem like a drag, having them in place can enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Keeping these rules in mind can keep everyone safe and ensure that everyone has fun.

summing it up

Summing Up

Sugar dating can be intimidating, but there are also a lot of rewards.

When approached with the right attitude, sugar dating can be the perfect solution for a smart and sexy younger person who is going to make the most of their best years.

You never know until you try. Make a profile, talk to some eligible sugar daddies or mommas, and see what adventures you find.

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