What is SugarDaddyforMe

What is SugarDaddyforMe?

SugarDaddyforMe is marketed as the world’s largest dating website for affluent, successful men.

It’s dedicated to the attractive women who admire those men.

That may leave you with a few questions, like:

“What about the young sugar daddies?”
“Where are the gay sugar daddies?”
“Are sugar mamas excluded?”

The site is more inclusive than it may seem at first look.

We’ll discuss that in greater depth within this SugarDaddyforMe review.

Upon first inspection, the SugarDaddyforMe website looks promising for young women interested in dating older men.

It easily attracts women looking for men with enough wealth to treat them like princesses.

These women are often interested in elevating their lifestyles.

They want substantial allowances and lots of gifts.

The homepage encourages this type of user with detailed testimonials from past users who have found long-term sugar daddy love.

During the registration process, sugar babies are teased with hints that they may receive lucrative allowances from member sugardaddies.

The question is whether the website is more than just a tease.

We’ve done the research to help you answer that question.

Keep reading to learn more about SugarDaddyforMe.

Who Uses SugarDaddyforMe

Who Uses SugarDaddyforMe?

The website claims to have more than four million members.

They report more than 2,000 new users registering daily.

Thousands of those members are online at any given time.

While that sounds impressive, 4,000,000 members isn’t the same as 4,000,000 verified, active users.

SugarDaddyforMe offers a free three-day trial and a 30-day gold membership trial.

That may explain why so many new users register daily.

What isn’t revealed is the percentage of those new users who pay for full membership.

How many cancel before their trial expires?

How many submit to verification?

Those numbers aren’t advertised.

The homepage and most marketing materials reference young, beautiful sugar babies.

The problem is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Not every SugarDaddyforMe user is the typical 20-year-old beauty queen.

The site isn’t as strict on age as it may seem.

There’s a “see who’s online” link at the bottom of many pages on the website.

Clicking that link reveals real members of many sizes and ages.

For example, I clicked that link while writing this SugarDaddyforMe review. I saw profiles for all of the following:

  • Asian sugar babies
  • African American sugar babies
  • Ample-body sugar babies
  • Caucasian sugar babies
  • Hispanic sugar babies
  • Divorced sugar babies
  • Vegan sugar babies

Terms like “Asian sugar baby” and “Caucasian sugar baby” are used freely on the SugarDaddyforMe website.

That makes it easy for members to search for sugar babies and daddies with specific qualities.

The diversity is great, but you might not know it’s there if you only look at the homepage.

The homepage seems to focus on older sugar daddies and young sugar babies only.

The registration process is a bit different.

You can choose from the following options to identify yourself:

  • Sugar Daddy
  • Sugar Baby
  • Sugar Momma
  • Sugar Baby – Male
  • Gay Sugar Daddy
  • Woman for Extramarital
  • Man for Extramarital

That strays far from the limited concept of a site dedicated to wealthy men and females who love them.

You may find more value in the site than expected.

Just look beyond the marketing.

Memberships, Features, and Pricing

Membership Options, Features & Cost

You have the following membership options:

Membership Level Features Cost
Standard * Up to 3 photos FREE
Silver * Access to instant messenger
* Unlimited photos
$39.95 per month
Silver Membership with Total Access * All silver membership benefits
* All members can contact you and reply to your emails
$54.90 per month
Gold * Highlighted profile in search results
* Top search result placement
* Unlimited photos
* Fast profile approval
* Email address highlighting in inbox
* Weekly match emails
* Unlimited email storage
* History viewer for instant messages
$44.95 per month
Gold Membership with Total Access * All gold membership benefits
* All members can contact you and reply to your emails
$59.90 per month

Important Note: All monthly subscriptions are charged an additional $5.95 “administration fee.”

Most members use a credit or debit card to pay for an upgraded account.

Billing appears under a discreet business name on bank statements.

You can also mail a cashier’s check or money order.

You can’t access the upgraded features until the check is cashed.

Is SugarDaddyforMe Free

Is SugarDaddyforMe Free?

A free account option is mentioned on the website and in many SugarDaddyforMe reviews.

That leads many to believe that it’s free to sign up.

Unfortunately, it’s not so straightforward.

Registration begins with entering your personal information.

You then select a screen name and upload a photo.

You’re prompted to select an upgraded account type and enter your credit card information at that point.

You either sign up for an upgraded account on the spot or commit to a 30-day free trial of the gold membership. Either way, you must enter a credit card.

Choosing the upgraded account will allow SugarDaddyforMe to charge you immediately.

The 30-day gold trial allows the site to start drafting automatic payments from your credit card once the trial period expires.

What happened to the SugarDaddyforMe free account? It may seem to not exist, but there is a secret.

Don’t go straight to the “register” link at the top of most website pages.

Click the three-day free trial link from the homepage instead.

This trial link is kind of hidden, so look close.

It allows you to peek inside the site for three days.

After that, you must pay to continue.

This makes the site anything but free for sugar babies.

SugarDaddyforMe Reviews

SugarDaddyforMe Reviews

Reviews taken from on 01/07/2020

84 Community Reviews: 1.6 / 5.0
Service: 2.0 / 5.0
Value: 2.0 / 5.0
Quality: 2.3 / 5.0

There are two complaints seen over and over when you research SugarDaddyforMe online:

  • On-Site Scammers – This is a problem for all dating websites. It’s your responsibility to protect your personal information and think logically. Never give out your bank account information. Don’t open a new bank account for someone you don’t know. You can use PayPal to safely accept cash gifts.
  • Fake Profiles – Many users believe that a substantial percentage of sugar baby profiles are fakes. That accusation is a great reason to look for that three-day trial link rather than signing up for the site immediately.

SugarDaddyforMe Pros:

  • 4 million+ registered users
  • Sugar baby database is more diverse than advertised
  • Total access allows communication with all members
  • View member profiles without registering

SugarDaddyforMe Cons:

  • Conservative focus on older sugar daddies, young sugar babies in marketing
  • Signing up for a free account really isn’t an option
  • May feature many fake sugar baby profiles
  • Sugar babies may encounter scam artists
  • There is no SugarDaddyforMe App

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