What is WhatsYourPrice

What is WhatsYourPrice?

WhatsYourPrice is an online dating site where you can buy & sell first dates.

Think of WhatsYourPrice as a game show.

It plays out in your everyday life rather than on television.

When you land on the website, it asks you to “join the dating auction.”

It then declares that you have arrived at the “online dating shortcut.”

These phrases warn you that this isn’t just another sugar daddy website.

The good news is that the site lives up to that promise.

We wrote this detailed WhatsYourPrice review to give you an inside peek at how the site works.

We admit that it isn’t the right dating site for everyone.

Anyone interested in fast dates will find this unique platform useful.

Do you want to meet someone new right away?

If so, this site may deliver the instant gratification that you crave.

How Does WhatsYourPrice Work

How Does WhatsYourPrice Work?

WhatsYourPrice works like a standard auction.

Women set their minimum price for a date.

Men place bids on the dates they would like to enjoy.

You can send winks to other members at any time.

You can contact your date through the private message system, after an accepted bid.

The catch is that the man must pay to unlock the message feature.

Some couples choose not to use the message feature for online introductions.

They jump right into the date.

It’s the modern version of blind dating.

Instead of your best friend or a well-meaning loved one, the website serves as the middleman.

How do you get paid on WhatsYourPrice?

Women aren’t paid through WhatsYourPrice. The man is expected to pay the fee for the date.

He should also pay for all meals and activities enjoyed during the date.

It’s up to each man to follow through on arrangements.

That leaves no real guarantee for the women involved.

How Much are Women Paid on WhatsYourPrice

How Much are Women Paid on WhatsYourPrice?

The site states that the average first-date offer is $125.

Sugar babies accustomed to receiving thousands of dollars per meeting may not consider this a worthwhile opportunity.

That doesn’t mean that some women don’t set their prices much higher.

Some are likely getting what they desire plus more.

How to get money?

If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

It never hurts to ask for what you really want.

Bids are for the first date only.

What happens between a couple beyond the first date isn’t reported to the site.

It’s possible to establish an ongoing relationship that pays far more than the first date.

Who Created WhatsYourPrice

Who Created WhatsYourPrice?

WhatsYourPrice was created by the founder of, Brandon Wade.

His goal was to create a dating website that accomplished a couple of things for singles:

  • The system allows any man to secure a date with any woman.

    Any man able to meet a woman’s stated price or win a bidding war can land a date with a beautiful woman.

    The system takes personality and other personal factors out of the way.

    That makes it easier for two people to set a price and meet up for a good time.

    It’s possible that the people you meet would never cross your path in daily life.

  • The process of securing a first date is accelerated.

    You don’t have to spend days or weeks talking online before you agree to meet.

WhatsYourPrice appeals to people who prefer face-to-face dates to online chats.

It also attracts men who have trouble connecting with women in real life.

They have a less intimidating way to ask for first dates.

Many members are successful and busy.

They don’t have much free time and need that shortcut to dates.

Others are socially awkward but otherwise amazing people.

This site is marketed to men of wealth who want to meet women who are “out of their league.”

That may turn off men lucky enough to have good looks, charm and wealth.

The site caters to millions of others who want to meet attractive women who may not give them a second glance in real life.

How are attractive women recruited?

The site dangles the promise of financial compensation for going on fun dates.

There is no mention of ongoing relationships.

There are no promises of allowances or the luxuries of a sugar baby lifestyle.

You can assume that many of the women aren’t legitimate sugar babies.

That doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t consider the lifestyle.

Many women would accept an arrangement if they met the right man offering the right terms at the right time.

WhatsYourPrice advertises nearly five million first-date bids and counting.

That is spread out among more than two million registered members.

These numbers suggest that either all members aren’t active or most members-only place two or three bids.

Our thoughts are, many men register but most likely never place a bid.

That is common for dating websites today.

All sites have their fair share of inactive accounts.

Is WhatsYourPrice a Sugar Daddy Website

Is WhatsYourPrice a Sugar Daddy Website?

WhatsYourPrice is similar to sugar daddy websites in that the membership base includes wealthy men and attractive women.

The difference is the concept of auctioning for dates.

Many members are looking for one-time dates or short-term hookups.

You can’t assume that all of the wealthy men are interested in paying an allowance to secure a long-term sugar baby.

It’s clear from online reviews that the site attracts men who just want beautiful women to give them a chance.

Men that are accustomed to being turned down on their looks alone.

Many of those men are likely looking for traditional relationships.

They aren’t necessarily willing to pay beyond the first date.

Memberships, Features, and Pricing

Memberships, Features, and Pricing

You never pay a monthly subscription fee at WhatsYourPrice.

The site is entirely free for female members.

Men pay only to unlock the message feature and start the date once their bids are accepted.

That pricing method could save you money as a sugar daddy.

You control your costs by determining how much you’re willing to bid on each woman.

You also decide how many women you approach at one time.

Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for on this site.

You’re likely to find the perfect woman for a wild night on the town for under $100.

A woman with beauty, class and long-term potential will likely set her price much higher.

WhatsYourPrice Review

WhatsYourPrice Review

This review is taken from on 01/14/2021

187 Reviews: 1.9 / 5.0
Service: 2.3 / 5.0
Value: 2.0 / 5.0
Returns: 2.2 / 5.0
Quality: 2.2 / 5.0

WhatsYourPrice Pros

  • More than two million registered members
  • Guaranteed dates to all men
  • Background verification is offered
  • Free for “attractive members”
  • No subscriptions for all members

WhatsYourPrice Cons

  • There’s no guarantee of payment since bids are paid on the date
  • “Wealthy members” must buy credits to send messages to “attractive members”
  • Excludes those who don’t fit the “generous men” and “attractive women” categories

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