Where to Find a Sugar Daddy

Where to Find a Sugar Daddy

  1. Dating Websites
  2. Wealthy Hot Spots
  3. Social Connections
  4. Networking Events and Clubs

4 best places to find a sugar daddy fast.

Where to Find a Sugar Daddy

1. Sugar Daddy Websites

Sugar daddies are found through dating websites that cater to the sugar lifestyle.

Often referred to as “sugar daddy websites“, there are many of these sites available today. is the most well-known.

It serves as the largest market for sugar babies seeking sugar daddies.

You will find sugar daddies of all ages on

This includes some young men who have accumulated wealth early in life.

Many sugar daddy websites now have apps that allow you to browse profiles while away from home.

You can use the app to chat with potential sugar daddies from your smartphone or tablet.

Most sites offer a free trial or a free account.

You may need to upgrade to a paid membership to initiate private chats with other members.

Wealthy Hot Spots

2. Wealthy Hot Spots

Most towns have hangouts where wealthy people spend time.

If your town doesn’t have those hot spots, explore larger cities in your extended area.

You may even consider moving to a larger city.

Most sugar daddies don’t go out of their way to search for a sugar baby.

You need to place yourself in their path to find a daddy who meets your expectations. created a Sugar Daddy Heat Map.

It ranks major cities in terms of their sugar daddy saturation.

This data is based on membership records for

Nevada and New York top the list as the best places to meet sugar daddies.

You don’t have to live in one of those top cities to score a sugar daddy.

Serious sugar daddies are more than willing to fly their babies to their location.

If they want to see you, they will make it happen.

You can use the heat map to determine the best cities in your state for meeting sugar daddies.

That is just the start of your research.

Dig a little more to discover the hotels where traveling businessmen are most likely to stay in your area.

Convention centers that host professional events are often hot spots as well.

Learn about your local country clubs, golf courses, and other entertainment venues.

These are great places to find wealthy men potentially interested in the sugar lifestyle.

Charity events are popular with wealthy men as well.

You may find a sugar daddy or two at the trendiest bars or nightclubs in town.

If you’re not up for an all-night rage, skip the club and go directly to the bar at the most upscale hotel in town.

You just might run into a lonely businessman with some money to share.

Show up to events at those locations.

Spend time in nearby coffee shops with a smile on your face.

An approachable attitude will help.

Stay open to older men who are routinely brushed off by other women.

Social Connections

3. Social Connections

You may not feel comfortable asking a friend if they know any potential sugar daddies.

There are other ways to leverage your social connections. Start by browsing the connections of your friends and relatives on social media.

Looking at photos, status updates and activity logs may tell you a lot about the men you find, including:

Marital status
Financial position

Once you identify potential sugar daddies, ask your mutual connections for an introduction.

You don’t even have to specify why you’re asking for the intro.

You can make something up.

For instance, you may say that you’re looking for a lawyer and you see that they’re friends with one.

If you feel comfortable, tell the truth and ask for more information about the man.

You may also pay attention to conversations and comments on social media.

That may tell you where a man of interest spends time.

Use that information to intentionally cross paths with someone you want to meet.

Online conversations may also tell you where wealthy people in your area hang out in general.

If you feel comfortable, directly reach out to men of interest without involving your mutual friends.

You can do this by sending a friend request or a direct message.

Keep in mind that these men may have no interest in the sugar lifestyle.

Keep it subtle until you know that they’re interested.

Networking Events and Clubs

4. Networking Events and Clubs

Most sugar daddies are attracted to women who have their own goals and interests.

Now is a great time to dig deep and identify your life passion.

Once you have a hobby, goal or passion, attend related clubs and networking events.

You will learn a lot about your hobby.

You may deepen your passion or land a job offer.

Your personal enlightenment may lead you to the perfect sugar daddy.

Walk in looking your best.

Wear your most approachable smile.

Show your bubbly personality and vivacious energy.

Pay special attention to the older men who may have that “come to daddy” twinkle in their eye.

Some sugar daddies and babies include mentorship in their arrangements.

This often comes when they meet at a networking or professional event that highlights a shared interest.

A man who has already gained significant success is often willing to share his knowledge.

In many cases, he’s also open to sharing his free time and money with the right person.

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